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To the readers of Choices · 2:13am May 19th

First of all, I want to thank any and all who gave this story a chance. I wanted to write an adventure, and not just fap material, and I hope I've succeeded.

Second, I want to apologize for the length of time between chapters. Rape, female subjugation, and doing unspeakable things to OCs and canon characters alike take a toll on me. For example, the next chapter will involve a scene between Shining Armor and Zecora, at a fan's request, and it's taking me some time to work up to it. I already know what I want to happen and how, it's simply the execution I'm having trouble with. Rest assured though, I am working on it.

As many of you know, this is an alt account I created to write porn, as I felt it was inappropriate to do so on my main. With my main account, I have myriad projects I'm doing that consumes a lot of my online life, which takes away time for this project. Even so, you all have my promise I will complete it. I foresee ending it after two or three more chapters, as Fine's story is coming to an end.

There's also the real-life struggle with finances and this damn virus, as well as family issues. These all take their share of my mental capacity and my desire to write, but they haven't sapped it.

I want to thank you all for your patience. It will be rewarded.

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Wish you luck on your projects, this as well as those on your main account, and of course with things in your real life. I think most everyone understands things are currently problematic.

I really enjoy your story, but I can wait. Don't feel like you need to rush anything.

You are very welcome! your story is unique in that it shows the struggles through those hardtimes

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