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hello i am the lesbian

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    moving on from my little pony, finding other things to write about

    im going to be honest. a few weeks ago, i took a big trash bag and dumped all of my MLP collection from over the years into a giant donation bag. i dont really need a giant shelf full of mlp memorabilia that will never be worth anything more than a few bucks.

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  • 3 weeks
    the most cursed image youll ever have seen

    i took an ugly photo of myself from childhood and thought, hmm this reminds me of the face in the moon. so i photoshopped that photo into the moon.

    firstly, this is the photo. can we talk about how much of an absoulute gremlin i was as a child? i look like ive smoked crack all my life

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    getting an appledash tattoo (not impulsively)

    so, i turned 18 last week, and now that tattoo shops are opening... i am thinking of a tattoo once again. I already have a few tattoos but theyre all shitty stick n pokes. i would ideally like to get them covered up, and im starting a job soon (if they hire me) so I could save up for a few good tattoos. i have narrowed it down and my little pony is the thing ive liked the most consistently

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  • 4 weeks
    just want to go to university now, want to get out of america

    idk if ive talked about this but im going to japan in april of 2021 and everyone mocks me when i say i want to get out of this country asap but??? why should i stay?? riots??? worst coronavirus????? racism??? HOMOPHOBIA??? lack of good television???? boring language????? everyone in this country uses facebook for some ungodly reason??? gross rude people that mock you in public??? rude cashiers

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  • 5 weeks
    today is my birthday

    i am finally old enough to start an OnlyFans account!

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erasing my internet footprint for university when ive been on the internet all my life · 6:11pm May 17th

i need to delete everything bad ive ever posted on the internet but where do i start??? the blogs from when i was 11? this account and all the stories ive written? pictures ive posted, things ive said to the world, when i wasnt in a good state? its just so difficult and i dunno where to begin. i want to go to the university of my dreams like every other kid is getting to do my age now but nobody ever gave me a talk about whats ok to put on the internet. so i just put everything there.
i assume most of you reading this are adults, and if you are an adult, i suggest any children you may encounter, that might be your own child, like, monitor their internet access a lot. it wasnt good for me to be raised on the internet by strangers instead of my parents, and it introduced me to things i was too young for. just... be careful

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You have a right to your life, and to expression. That said, we know by this point that universities and corporations don't give a shit, and wish to control everything about you, so this might help you:

Your personal information

Social Media removal:

Securing your social media accounts (if you wish to keep them):

Good luck to you. :)

As scary as it sounds, you can't erase yourself from the internet.

That said, you can limit what does go on the web.

Start with any identifying information. Delete or edit anything that contains any clues as to:
1. your name
2. where you live
3. where you work or go to school

You can talk about these things, but be very general and vague about the specifics.

Privatize your social media. One of the things I did when I got on Facebook was make myself not searchable.

You should also delete, or make private, any pictures of yourself.

One thing you can also do, and I know of a few teachers who do this, is make a separate social media account for "professional" relationships and deeply hide your personal account.

You're free to put whatever you want on the net, the key is to where, and to what degree, you want to maintain anonymity.


Thank you both for your help. It would probably take me a month to find and delete everything on the internet, but lucky for me I've been going by fake/not my legal names on the internet since I was 13.

Smart move, and you're welcome. No corporation should be able to dictate your life in order to secure their bottom line.

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