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Hello everypony and welcome. Hope you enjoy my stories.

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    *Pauses for a moment for dramatic effect before breaking down laughing with tears at the corners of their eyes.*

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Attention Followers! · 2:18am May 17th

Hello my dear followers and readers, it is I the Great and Powerful Chief!
*Pauses for a moment for dramatic effect before breaking down laughing with tears at the corners of their eyes.*

Nah, I'm just fooling around you see I'm writing this after having been awake for over 14 hours and doing hard work for most of them. I will not admit how many times I have had to rewrite just this sentence to make sure the grammar of the words is good and the spelling is right. Yes I just made a Gumball refrence Anyway as I was writing this to say and had my train of thought boarded, shot up, jump the rails, roll down a mountain, into a lake, then explode, and finally catch fire........where was I going with this again? Oh yeah.

Ok I have several stories out, each of which are nowhere near complete, with varying number of chapters mostly being what you readers feel to be not enough. At least for the ones you've read and liked. But I digress a little, what I've been trying to get to saying is that I am at a crossroads in my writing. Which would you, my dear dear readers and followers, prefer to see happen first? I rework and heavily edit my current chapters for my stories or work to push through my writer's block and laziness and write new chapters for my two latest stories which have been the most popular of any story I've ever written here or anywhere else.

Please comment on which you'd rather see, hay discuss it with your fellow readers on why I should go about doing it one way that you want over some way that someone else wants. Hell if you have a better idea that the two I just put out there I'm all ears.

Addendum: if you want some good laughs go read my old blogs. I just did and I nearly fell out of my chair.

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Comments ( 3 )

Well I say work on your mass effect displaced and when you get writer's block for it or feel like writing something else go to your zootopia displaced, anywho I say Mass effect first then zootopia

Thank you for your input my dear reader. Though would you rather see me put my effort into editing and working on published chapters or work on putting out new ones?

A balanced mix is kind of perfered, but I would say work on a new chapter and once you're done you could check the other chapters for mistakes or errors every once in a while

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