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"In this life we are either kings or pawns, emperors or fools." - Napoleon Bonaparte

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  • 7 weeks
    Hey y’all

    Hey everyone. It’s sure been a long time hasnt it. I found some good friends and when we were hanging out to say it made me remember how this site got me through so many hard times and how this community never turned me away. I could never say how glad I am to have met some of the people I’ve met on here and I may be coming back.

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  • 111 weeks

    Hey guys, I'm here again. I didn't do anything bad like harm myself or anyone else. I found a couple of coping mechanisms and am back in a healthy mental state. I figured I would update you guys. I'm making a bit of a comeback, I cant say when but I will be releasing a few new chapters soon.

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  • 115 weeks
    I’m sorry I can’t do anything right

    Hey guys, it’s me. This is probably my last time on this website. I’ve started to realize the reason everything is going wrong is because I hate myself so much. I despise myself with the boiling rage and I hate how I never do anything right. I’m not going to kill myself or anything, I’m just done trying to pretend I don’t hate myself. Even worse I don’t even know why I do, I just always have and

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  • 123 weeks

    I’m taking a break. Me and my girlfriend broke up and it’s fucking with me more than I want to admit. I’m always a happy and cheerful guy but it’s getting harder and harder to fake a smile and force a laugh. I feel like all of my friends hate me and when I fall asleep I think about how no one really cares. I keep saying “I’ll bounce back” but I’m not so sure. I’m trying but it’s getting harder

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  • 127 weeks

    Looking for a new person to make ideas for my story’s with. I use rp to help make chapters for my stories. Dm me if you’re interested

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The job · 10:36pm May 16th, 2020

Are we really gonna do this girls

Yes, yes we are


Because they know about the factory

They know about my shed

Ah don't know what they know about me but they know something

They know of my blog

They know about my research

And they know about sugar cube corner

Yes but breaking into the information vault in canterlot is a little extreme

You live with Pinke, Nothing is too extreme for you


Meh mostly true

Now stop being a little bitch and put on the mask

Fuck you

*Puts on the mask*

You would

Okay let's do this

Comments ( 25 )

*gets in car and get in drive through*

I’ll have a number 9, a number 9 large, 2 number 45s, one with cheese

Ugh this is the fourth time

Don’t forget the large soda!

*meanwhile in the vault looking confused*

How did I get here

....it looks like the canterlot archives

*pulls the trigger on a flamethrower*

*sees file with his same* oh hey this is this worlds file on me!

Well obviously after saying that I’m gonna! *reads it*

.....this world’s me is a monster!

Yeahhhhh I told you.

*Burns the file*

And now he owes me a favor

It's good we spar all the time

Fighting but not to the death

Sparing? I love sparing! How did I get here by the way?


Last time I promise

No, it's not

No really, how did I get here? I was fighting an eldritch, lovecraftian horror and suddenly poof! I’m here! Anyways, what’s going around here?

It's pinkie so don't question

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