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Introducing you... to my ponysona... · 5:22pm May 16th

...and also! Responding to the Sunset's Isekai AMA from a while ago.

So, full confession: I recorded all of the answers, but editing this into a video was really time consuming, and the changes in life and such that we've all gone through, completely derailed the project. I sort of forgot about it. So, what I decided to do, was to post the answers here, and also the test video I made, which you saw above. I did use a crappy mic for the test, since I was having problems with my Yeti not connecting... (I know it is not USB 3 compatible, the issue was the cable—too old and poorly stored.)

If you guys want to listen to it... it's just shy of an hour long of me answering questions. Just let me know if you have that kind of time and interest.

Anyway, rather than sit on these for decades... I decided to answer them now. Also, since the dynamic might change a bit with our community in general, I'm hoping to be able to do some realistic activities later on, so expect a blog on that. Expect to see my Ponysona appear in the future in some way or another, (I mean you can use it for fanart I suppose? It's kind of weird to think about it that way, now that I wrote that...)but for now...


  1. My question is, how do you feel about Sunset's Isekai?

    1. Very happy. It's been a great way to unwind and visit and revisit many, many different worlds that I love, not only limited to MLP. As some of you know I used to write fics and crossovers since back in the mid 90s, so it's really cool to look at the old and new that keeps me going.
  2. How do you come up with which stories to crossover with first?/How do you pick the visitors to the bar? (Rose Quill)

    1. Patrons
    2. Stories/Movies/Series I loved
  3. What has been the most enjoyable thing working with so many different authors of varying talents and styles? 

    1. I think that this time around we're discussing our characters views rather than trying to write an adventure. It focuses on what makes the characters unique, rather than trying to expand a whole story around it.
  4. What has seemed to work the best?

    1. Talking a little with each author about what they would like their character to discuss.
  5. In theory, Sunset's Isekai didn't actually have to be Sunset as bartender. Why Sunset? 

    1. Yes, it had to be Sunset. Like many others I identify with Sunset in many ways: for me, I feel a certain kinship with her about trying to do what's right, having messed up, having grown up with a lot of privilege and also being handed a hard dose of humility. Thankfully I was never as bad as I could have been, and I was always aware of it but life's ups and downs have taught me how hard it can really be to try to be better.
    2. Sunset's situation as a former villain, as well as her incredible empathy makes her a great bouncing board for visiting characters. She's done evil, and she'd done good.
  6. And if not Sunset, who would you have chosen?

    1. No idea. 
  7. Chapter you most enjoyed writing (from an audience's standpoint, not the actual process because that would be rude to answer :P )?

    1. Self-serving but definitely the Babylon 5 one. It really meant a lot to read people familiar with B5 expressing that I captured G'kar's essence properly. I had a real fear of messing that up.
  8. How the hell do you ingest so many different stories so easily and incorporate them with the theme/setting? ... this may be a bit too general but that's what I've always been impressed with how you did this with an ANTHOLOGY series no less.

    1. Well, the format of the story lends itself to allowing for such a varied clientele. The location doesn't change often, the bartender doesn't change (most of the time), the focus is on the conversation and what each unique character brings to the table, with Sunset playing our Watson/Kestra'chern/Friend/Teacher. 
  9. Who is your favorite guest and why?

    1. I don't really have one. I can re-read all of the chapters so far and enjoy them… and each character is unique enough to bring a completely different thing to the table. I love for example Bulletproof Heart's intrinsic sexyness, or Carousel Twilight's slightly unfocused passion, or Commander Sparkle's attitude vs Cozy's very real life-problems, or G'kar's ponderous look into his life. Each one brings something new!
  10. How come Rarity got the bar?

    1. Interdimensional character w/Mysterious past. Rarity's intended to have a long multiversal history as her background. She's been there, done that, bought the t-shirt, and incorporated it into a new design. In a way I wanted to show from the beginning that the Multiverse was huge and had all sorts… and that there were some people out there that were already very experienced in how it worked.
  11. Has any of the regulars (Sunset, Lena, Dani or Rarity) know the full extent of the power and purpose behind the bar?

    1. One of them definitely knows.
  12. Are the different "places to another world" (Nekoya, Sunset's Isekai, etc) connected in some way?

    1. No. Nekoya specifically connects two worlds only.
    2. Sunset's Isekai is it's own, miniature universe. Even Food from Another World, and other similar concepts are more limited to a two-world kind of situation.
  13. What are your top three favorite moments in the story so far? I mean, Sunset has had a lot of guests show up to her bar over the course of the story and has had a lot of stuff happen, so which ones are your personal favorites?

    1. I think every encounter has brought something different for Sunset to deal with, but having said that, some interactions have just made me smile while writing and just feel like I'm trolling her a little.

      1. Sunset and the Bulletproof Heart

        1. Sunset is 100% attracted to Rarity in this one. It's a bit uncomfortable for her because she knows it's not mutual and she's afraid it might affect how she looks at other Rarities, but it just made her very self-aware.
      2. Sunset and "Princess" Twilight Sparkle

        1. Sunset discovered that she wasn't into muscles and stuff, but still they were rather nice to look at and poke. For science, of course.
      3. Sunset and Lena

        1. When Lena was introduced, I had a character that was in a very real way someone that Sunset would really connect to in many ways. Through insecurities and hopes. I don't think she ever intended to become anyone's (anyduck's?) teacher, but she did and eventually Lena became family.
  14. (Nyronus) Why did you choose to deign to visit your glory upon a worm like me, D-senpai?

    1. I was bored! In all seriousness for the same reason that I asked all other authors I've worked with so far and will work with in the future: because you created something I enjoyed. Every work in the story has connected with me in its own way through its own merits, and this is a way to say thanks, and to share it with others.
  15. What inspired you to do this?

    1. I've wanted to do this for about 2 decades. Multiverse crossovers are not new, and obviously this isn't my first of such either. TSC brought its own unique aspects I hadn't seen in fics before it, and was really fun, but I've always wanted to write a story about people talking. Just… talking. And I've always wanted to write a bar story with G'kar. For a LONG time. I saw my chance this time around and I took it.
  16. What drove the decision to do solo-chapters focusing on out-of-fandom crossovers? Was that an idea from the start or did it occur over time?

    1. Given the original idea, it was just a matter of time. Using only fanfics in the MLP fandom was really limiting and cut my ability to explore many other places. As I said earlier, I've been writing fanfiction for a long time. Captain Chrysalid, Ed Becerra, Mythril Moth (RIP), Zef… we've been writing stuff for different fandoms for… well, a while. We didn't start with MLP, and chances are we won't stop with MLP. So why limit myself to just one fandom, when the nature of this fanfic allows me to explore whichever one I feel like?
  17. What was your favorite surprise moment in writing? Something that came out of the process that hadn't been outlined but worked so well it stood out.

    1. I mean, in this case, the fact that it works so well was a bit of a surprise. I mean, I had faith it would but… it still amazes me how much you can distill out of a character and their world through an admittedly limited conversation with a bartender. As long as it does just the right amount of justice to their world it's a tremendous insight into what makes them and their story interesting.
  18. Favorite moment from the fic so far?

    1. All of it!
  19. What in the hell was Sunset doing in Shadar Logoth?

    1. She was looking for a particular mushroom said to grow there that, mixed with the leaves of Avendesora, which she had obtained earlier, would make one hell of a fermented drink.
  20. How much of a "big picture" would you say there is to this story? I haven't read every chapter, but it feels like there's at least some progression to it, with references made in later chapters to things that happened in earlier ones. So is there, like, a definite direction the story's headed in, or is it just kind of meandering about from guest to guest and everything's figured out as you go?

    1. There is a general plan, I already have an ending outline in mind if it's ever needed. Other than that… the intention of the story is that each chapter is self-contained enough to be read on its own without the order necessarily affecting much. Obviously references to other chapters will appear as the story moves forward, most notably the presence of Lena, Dani, her pet Spider and possibly Freya.
    2. But the basic idea is really organic—I discover things, or remember things, or get suggested things, or my patrons really want and I add it. We could say I have a beginning and end, but the middle is as you go.
  21. Why do you start with Featherfall?

    1. Well, when I decided to finally write this, I had to ask myself what story to start with. I'm a huge fan of Featherfall, it's one hell of a story in my opinion, and full of tough choices and a Sunset Shimmer that stuck to her decision no matter the cost.
    2. Close enough to the original world, but still different enough to impact Sunset with these details. It reflected the importance of consequences, and the fact that life will always be a struggle… whether to find love, happiness, purpose, forgiveness… redemption.
  22. Having written a lot of chapters with the original author of the story where that chapter was set in, who was your favorite and why?

    1. Not answering that one.
  23. How, exactly, does the bar move in the multiverse? Is it like a spaceship, moving from one universe to the other?

    1. More like a bubble that can move or stay put in a sea of shifting bubbles. The bar moves, travels up and down, sideways, diagonally… it merges for a moment with another world, but it remains its own.
  24. Have Rarity (Sunset's boss) and Rarity (Sunset's high school friend) ever met? If so, what did they think of one another?

    1. Not yet.
  25. Has Sunset ever been unable to help someone beyond giving them a drink, or does the bar just not work that way?

    1. See Ch. 19 (DQ) The intention of the bar is not necessarily to make Sunset into a hero, but rather a place for her guests to find some respite, support and an ear.
  26. Do the walls grow to accommodate all those photos, or is it more of a hyperspacial "They're all there, you just can't see all of them at the same time without crossing your eyes and taking the right drugs" sort of deal?

    1. The bar is it's own micro universe. Universes expand. This one on demand. As the story progresses I've made a bit of an effort to subtly indicate that it is bigger than it was before. At this stage, if a large party was coming in, the bar would expand to accommodate them.
  27. Do you plan out the details of any of the Noodle Incidents, or are they all just one-off gags?

    1. I have an idea of what happened in each of them. Enough details to reference them later, with enough consistency, but mostly in general strokes. Might do something more with them one day. I do keep track on them in my Isekai document.
  28. Will you update your other stories?

    1. Yes. And I apologize for the delays. I think I got completely overwhelmed with stuff. Isekai is really helping me through getting momentum back and fighting burnout.
  29. Were you involved with every scene using your bar in SOTS

    1. Isekai hasn't appeared in Song of the Spheres, unless you are counting League of Sweetie Belles. In that one… sort of, in a way. I did not write them, but I knew they were happening and what was going on in them.
  30. Do you like penguins/Piplup (strikethrough as necessary/appropriate)?

    1. I appreciate penguins. I can't speak for the guests, though.
  31. Do you have an endgame in mind for this?

    1. I hope to keep this going for years if interest remains, and at least for my part, as long as I'm a fan of something, chances are it will. I do have a "last chapter". I might even write it and leave it unpublished for knighty to post if things ever went wrong.
  32. How'd you come up with the idea for this?

    1. Over 20 years ago, when watching B5 and later on DS9. I've wanted to write a story of a bar or cafe where everyone from everywhere, from stories I love or admire would meet.
  33. How are you so awesome?

    1. Am I?
  34. Are there any worlds, or concepts, that you have wanted to write about, but have had trouble figuring out how to write? Be they because there are sensitive topics at play that you don't want to misrepresent, or just plain had trouble penning down in a satisfactory way.

    1. There's… authors I would love to work with, but I do fear a bit doing so because the topics they work with are very personally impactful for them, and I think in many ways, if we're not very careful, Isekai might misrepresent their importance. The last thing I want is to end up in a situation where Sunset is simply condescending because I don't grasp the situation appropriately.
  35. Virgin Pina colada? Why is the virgin version banned? I mean, it's the exact opposite of the expected.

    1. See Mass Effect chapter.
  36. Rarity never said she was a unicorn originally... and even mentions that she had hornS... and Charlie seems to recognize her but can't place her. Is she originally a bi-corn? <chuckles> Seriously... Rarity said she got out of a bad relationship but also mentions she had horns... anything you'd like to share?

    1. Rarity has been to many places even before she became Sunset's business partner. But yes, she has never said she was originally a unicorn. But don't read too much into Charlie recognizing her… Rarity has been around a lot of places.
  37. If the bar fundamentally changes it's hosts depending upon where they end up, have there been any stops where they were preying upon their respective species because that's just the kind of thing that was done?

    1. It's not in every location. Most of the time it's only when Sunset or Rarity and their friends/surrogate family intend to visit a place that would not react well to them being a different species. That's why she became a demon when visiting Hell and meeting Charlie, or a cat when she went to Haru's wedding.
  38. Have there been stowaways other than the spiderling?

    1. Nope. Well. Yes. PrincessColumbia wrote a story where a ghost hijacks the bar a couple of times to take Principal Celestia somewhere.
  39. Sunset and Rarity apparently 'shared' Lucifer. Anything else they're sharing that doesn't come in a fancy bottle?

    1. Dirty. That noodle incident implies stuff, but I'm not going into it.
  40. Any chance of Sunset's original Celestia visiting at some point (or Sunset visiting her, for that matter)? She's retired now, I can certainly see a few pina coladas, baring a couple fuzzy navels, and the potential for sex on the beach. We're talking drinks. I just can't imagine Celestia's a one-shot Sunshine Surprise kinda gal.

    1. Not anytime soon. Sunset's Celestia made her life without ever intending to really be more than a mentor to Sunset, and Sunset eventually realized, and came to accept this fact. Then Twilight became her new mentor in friendship, so other than some nostalgic feelings for her, Sunset has little reason to really go back to her.
  41. With Sunset running all over, making friends and stirring up the pot in multiple universes/timelines, has she garnered any new enemies? We saw the Bab5 impact, after all, and there was an implied Vorlon runaway-protocol... but she's almost becoming a Doctor Who level figure with all these new legends that seem to be starting up surrounding a There-and-gone-again bar with a feisty bacon-haired host.

    1. Eventually, she might, but her general non-interference stance helps her not make that many.
  42. I'll repeat my original question then: Recently, Sunset lamented that from her perspective years can go by without seeing her friends, but what's stopping her from just closing shop for the day (such as it is) and popping in for a visit every few days or weeks?

    1. Okay, so, really nothing is stopping her from doing that, in fact, she does that often enough for a… considerable amount of time to have passed in her life. She's lived in other worlds for months or years, etc. I think in this Sunset's case, I am projecting something that I touch a bit with the Freya's visit, and that is that regardless of what we do, some things just come to an end.
      Sunset loves her friends. Even Pinkie, who I can't stand, but she can. They are the ones that stuck with her in the end. The ones she got to know best, and the ones she made the strongest connection of all back home.
    2. Sure, she can spend some time with them, months… a year, but that is time that she won't get back with them, so she decided to space it. Have a solid party with the girls one night, spend the next few months out there. Meet them for the next weekend (their time) later on. But, regardless, time continues, and even if each and every visit she makes is spaced out through a thousand years, each passing week in the girl's real time, is time moving forward.
    3. Realistically, she's going to know them for a LONG, LONG time, far longer than any of them will ever really understand, but sometimes people can be silly and freak out about stuff that is ages away from even being an issue.
  43. Also, something that just occurred to me, would you accept guest chapters?

    1. I'm… hesitant. A guest chapter could really imply a lot of things that I don't necessarily want to be part of the "cannon" of the story. However, it is something of an honor to have that happen… I just don't know how I could make certain rules happen, and then expect an author I'm not working with on the work itself to not do something I know wouldn't happen? Or definitely would? And then, after all their work I'd feel pretty bad to tell them: "Hey, this is great, but please change this and this and this."
    2. One thing I'm definitely up to is people using the Isekai (with its basic rules) as a convenient place in their stories for things to happen. For example in the League of Sweetie Belles, Isekai makes a few appearances I was not involved in writing, and because it's not an Isekai chapter, there's less risk of it really conflicting with my story mythos.
  44. You did a three-parter for the Babylon-5 arc. Do you plan to do any larger, more involved arcs in the future, or is Sunset's Isekai intended to stay largely an anthology of pick-and-choose events?

    1. Ideally an anthology. The Babylon 5 chapter was a special deal because G'kar is a very complex character that is very different from points A, to B, to C. If a similar situation comes around where I very strongly feel an additional chapter is needed, then it will happen.
  45. Villains. Are we gonna see any? I'm sure there are plenty that'd value a drink over conquering a tiny multi-dimensional bar. The closest seen so far is that chick from the Horde (from She-ra. As a longtime warcraft fan, I admit I was confused at first) and she was post redemption (Or near redemption) and Nyarlathotep mentioned a couple times in passing and he's more human than his Outer God brethren./ (Foxfax) and also, since the bar has been designated officially a neutral zone by some major heavy-hitters, are we going to see a hero talking to their rogues gallery or vice versa?

    1. So… here's the deal, the Isekai prevents individuals with malicious intent from getting into the bar. They either won't see the door at all... or find themselves outside no matter what they do. Letting in villains would be comical, but rather than an engaging conversation, I'd expect a lot of bitching.
  46. Any ideas about real world events Sunset could not get involved in? Not talking world-changing, just being present.

    1. I hadn't thought about those, but you did make me think of a few. Most, if not all, will be Noodle Incidents, however.
  47. After writing The Sweetie Chronicles for so long, when you jumped into another multiverse crossover story, was there anything that happened with TSC that you are trying to either avoid or replicate in this story, and how did you go about that?

    1. Oh. YES. The format of this story is much, much more different than TSC. TSC is a grand-adventure that spans across the multiverse. It has action, fights, learning magic, being transformed, metaphorical and literal changes in her body and mind, reflecting her growth from a filly to an adult…
    2. Sunset is already an adult. She started a business and her adventures come to her in this particular story, since all of her self-initiated adventures are just noodle incidents, but each chapter (except for the B5 ones where I had complete control) is basically self-sufficient and won't be published until completed. That stops things like losing communication or interest or anything else from getting in the way of the story.
  48. Is there a particular reason that both your inter-dimensional protagonists are into mixing drinks? Is this a personal fascination, a fun coincidence, or just a nice framing device for personal/emotional conversations?

    1. Well… they have different motivations. Because of absorbing certain aspects of Twilight, as well as her emotional immaturity, Sweetie's sort of an alcoholic in TSC. It's definitely not healthy.
    2. Sunset on the other hand, is a bartender and doesn't just serve drinks to get people drunk. She uses them as a medium to break the ice, get through to people and get to know them. That's why she has a non-alcoholic menu.
    3. Also, I like mixology, although I'm not much of a bartender myself.
  49. was there a shortlist of characters/crossovers you knew you wanted to use in this series before you started writing, or do they pretty much just happen as spur of the moment ideas?

    1. When I started drafting the idea in my head? A few: Definitely Babylon 5. Definitely Featherfall. Definitely Good Trooper Gilda (although the story changed a bit and I wish we had used the current iteration of the characters). And most definitely Bulletproof Heart to begin with.
    2. I do still have a list of characters I'd like to see visit, but I haven't thought of a good topic for them to discuss. It's a bit hard to avoid treading on the same topics.
  50. which chapter gave you writer's block the hardest?

    1. Definitely Hazbin Hotel. I knew I REALLY wanted this crossover, and realized very quickly that it should take place before the Pilot Episode. I wrote the first few paragraphs and…
      ...waited. Couldn't figure out where to take it. It took me a while to realize that Sunset was the problem in it. She had no realistic motivation to her qualms, and therefore took all the agency out of what Charlie could do in the story. Even if she's a lot of times a bouncing board for guests, in this chapter, she was pro-actively being negative about something, but when I started, it was just for the sake of writing a chapter where she was, rather than for the character, if that makes sense?
  51. in the crossover chapters, do the authors of the original fics (Featherfall, Past Sins, etc.) have any input on how the chapter is written, i.e. characterization and continuity?

    1. Yes, all of those chapters… I think… uh, one sec. Yep. Definitely all of them so far have been actually co-written with the authors, meaning that they were right there with me, working on the chapter, giving voice to their characters.
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One more question: how is your ponysona so adorable?

I really should commission some art of my ponysona, just to pin down his appearance...

In any case, thanks for the q&A. Some great insight into both the story and your experience with it.

Scampy #3 · May 16th · · ·

I'd forgotten about Pony D! What a cutie.

It's really cool to see your thought process further laid out like this. Even after having done two chapters with you, I'm still learning new things.

The last thing I want is to end up in a situation where Sunset is simply condescending because I don't grasp the situation appropriately.

You're too modest imo. Our chapters covered some pretty dang serious topics (sexual assault / suicide) and I think you handled them expertly. One doesn't have to have experience with a sensitive issue to write about it effectively--just a good deal of caution and care, both of which you have in spades.

I mean, is there anything stopping you from having another Good Trooper Gilda chapter that shows the evolution?

vren55 #5 · May 16th · · ·

Agreed. I very much liked that chapter that you worked on with Wanderer. I also think that if that chapter is held up as the standard then more Isekai chapters on subjects would be amazing

Loved how you answered the questions Wandy! I eagerly await more Isekai... and maybe a return to the She-Ra verse post Season 5 release XD

Oh gosh, that's high praise o_o. Thanks a bunch!

For the sake of my ever-bloated ego, I gotta ask which chapter were you referring to--the one with Wally or the one with Sunset?

How are you so awesome?

  1. Am I?

I think you're pretty cool.

I second this. You are pretty cool.

Fun fact: I am *gasp* also old enough to be an adult. 😉

Also, speaking of TSC... 😉😉👉👈:scootangel:

Where can I get reaction shots for my OC?

Wanderer D

5264035 Unfortunately the dude that was doing them for me seems to have retired. But basically I had to commission someone to do it a couple of years ago. Fair warning, it's not horribly expensive, but it's not too cheap either.

I don't know why, but in my head I 100% expected you to just have a latias as your OC for this video

How do you come up with which stories to crossover with first?/How do you pick the visitors to the bar? (Rose Quill)

  1. Patrons
  2. Stories/Movies/Series I loved

Haha, I guess I weaseled my way into this by writing that silly blog-chapter and linking it to you on Discord :trollestia:

Hmm. Well, you're adorable, so it checks out. :rainbowdetermined2:

Sunset's Isekai is an incredible crossover story. So much potential in every different world, and the interactions with the characters is done marvelously! Being a massive crossover fan myself, stories like this gain both my immediate attention and appreciation as I love to see how everything and everyone plays off of Sunset.

Very inspiring and wonderful stuff, so much so that I'd love to write an unofficial chapter myself! Keep up all the great work!

The Horde character from She-Ra was mentioned. Given how Season 5 ended, and Catra's redemption arc, it might be kind of cool to have Adora and Catra duck into the bar while dodging relentless well-wishers while on their second interplanetary road trip. :)

Long interview is long.
Also, after almost a decade in the fandom we mortals finally meet Wanderer's sona?! Is this a late april fool's prank?
Is this part of the illuminati scheme to conquer the world through wasps and covid? Or is it...?

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