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  • 44 weeks

    First off, I deeply apologise for disappearing without a trace, but my mental health had taken a serious decline. I'm doing much better nowadays and am working on rewrites for Helljumpers: Feet First. I'll keep y'all posted.

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  • 75 weeks
    So I just watched a movie from1964

    Dr. Strangelove: And How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb.

    I fucking loved it, It's a great comedy for its time and my favorite character has to be Dr. Strangelove himself, A wheelchair bound former Nazi with "Arm Problems" and my favorite line is his last one. He stands yup from his wheelchair and shouts: "MEIN FUHRER! I CAN WALK!"

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  • 76 weeks

    Hey y'all, I apologize for the delay since the last chapter, just been dealing with things in real life. I would like you to know that the next chapter is on the way and that a crashed UNSC frigate will be makung an appearance and also......What the hell is that music?

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  • 79 weeks

    So how does everyone else feel? Cause i feel like shit. I told my (former) best friend that I was dealing with severe depression and that was the reason I wasn't popping on or joining his parties. He legit told me that "being sad" wasn't an excuse to not pkay with him and that he didn't care if I killed myself. So yeah, now I feel worse.

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  • 80 weeks

    It is with a heavy heart that I announce that Grant Imahara, made famous as a host for the Discovery show Mythbusters and His work woth Industrial Light and Magic has passed away due to a brain aneurysm. He will me missed as will all the memories and shut he blew up.:applecry:

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OCs · 6:49am May 16th, 2020

Hey yall, my brain is an absolute fustercluck atm, so im taking to the community to help provide pony OCs for Helljumpers: Feet First! If yall have an OC that you are willing to share, hmu in the DMs and we can get this gravy train rolling.

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I was going to comment something, but then I read "pony OCs" and I stopped because I wanted to share an ODST OC. LOL

You can share an ODST OC that may or may not arrive when a certain ship arrives.

Hmm... Interesting. Give me some time and maybe I'll give a proposition.

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