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Something needs to be done, and fast... · 6:33am May 16th


Give the article a read. How is that not a breach of the 1st Amendment?

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Oh for unicron’s sake

It's infuriating. Speaking as a Christian, Church and State must be kept separate from one another.

I know, I don’t want the US to end up like Iran or any isis held territory

I'm fully prepared to stand up for this. To a free world.

I’m a satanist. My opinion is we need to deal with our own problems first before we get involved with our country’s problems

A thought that applies to Christianity too.

In the interest of getting this info to the right folks in my life, I'm asking if there's an alternate source of this info that's not Atheists or the like?

Because I don't think they'll read it otherwise.

The WHO doesn't deserve a dime, I will say that now. Maybe you can say the money should go to another place, but not the WHO.

But giving it to a charity that actively discriminates against specific groups?

Again, as I said, maybe you can say it should go to another place. Also how does this group discriminate?

Refusing to help Muslims and other non-Christian groups, for instance.

Strange, they seem to be opening field hospitals in Central Park to help with the city epicenter within the USA.

Though they may have been shut down because of some anti-lgbt sentiment, and by that I mean making the staff people renounce gay marriage if they wanted to help, which while dumb, is preceded infinitely by the stupidity of shutting them down for that when the city is in a very bad condition. Help is help, you don't turn it away.

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