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Why did Steel Wool Studios have to make Roxanne Wolf (look up Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach) so freakin' hot?

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I... I don’t know what to do anymore. · 1:50am May 16th, 2020

I feel like the reason people aren’t happy, that they can’t live happy lives...
I feel like I should’ve never been born...

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That's not true. You're not the reason that other people can't be happy (especially if you haven't done anything to bully or aggravate others).

Well, if I was never born, someone I know would definitely be living free of strife right now.

But there also may be someone that would be unhappy without you.

You are worth it. No matter what people say, you are worth life. You may live in fear, sadness, and doubt, but there are good people ready to help you. I found you by chance, looking at the latest posted blogs for no reason, but I found you by chance. You have a chance to live the best life you can. Follow your dreams, pursue a career, give yourself a chance. A chance to live. Just remember that you are worth having that chance.

Hard to even want to continue when you’ve realized someone close to you would be free from strife if your birth never even happened.

Don't. There's always someone.

And why would you say that? Are you bullying someone, or what? I can't tell from the reply.

I’d never bully anyone.
But my mere birth prevented someone from reaching happiness and their dreams.

Don't beat yourself up on what could have been. Make amends and start over. Don't say 'Game Over' to life. Just start a new chapter.

Why bother? It’s just going to create more problems.

Don't do it. Death may seem nice, but look closer. Think about those who care for you. Think how devastated they would be if you followed through with this. Now think about staying alive. You will have problems, but you can overcome them. Death will create more problems for your friends. You can't change the past, but you can change the future. So don't do it. Overcome. Persevere. Stay alive.


Look man, your existence isn't the reason your parent(s) or whoever are/is not happy. Something else is at work. They ought to be grateful you're here, and that they have a life at all.

You shouldn't give up. Keep on going, forgive yourself, and don't blame yourself for things you couldn't and can't control. Don't end it; know that your existence can also bring about good, to those you're worried about as well as to others.

I pray that God may aid you and bring comfort to your deeply troubled soul.

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