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I'm a Proud ABDL mommy. Writer of padded pony fics, a lot of fics about Shining Armor and his mom, several about Rainbow Dash and her family, and far more mom stories than you can imagine.

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Happy Birthday Eve To Me! · 12:08am May 16th, 2020

It's my 25th birthday eve! Woo!

Spending the night at my bestie's for a night now that the stay at home order is lifted. We're gonna get drunk, watch horror movies, order pizza, and eat popcorn, chips, and queso :3

For those of you wondering, yes, I am still pumping, and still asking people to pay it forward and do an act of kindness on my birthday. But, if any of y'all wanna do anything for me on my birthday that still benefits others, you can donate to my go fund me to help me get supplies to pump milk to donate to babies in need (because pumping supplies are expensive as hell)

Love to all my readers on my birthday eve! Thanks for making 6 of my 25 years on this planet so great!


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Happy birthday! I am close behind with 23, had my birthday on 5th May

Happy birthday.

Hey Rarity, happy birthday :)

Ahhhhh make it special for yourself, girl!!! :heart:

Remember sparkles go with everything and you look fabulous in the dress and you're lovely as Liv!

I am glad to hear you in high spirits as you celebrate your life's 'Silver anniversary', Ms. rarity! I do hope it turns out to be a very memorable day.

I, in a few weeks, may be able to commission you for another story, or two. I've been getting some trouble from the three places I get income as I try to make something more out of current life stuffs. (Always make time to care for your eyes. The world is very unfriendly, and expensive, should you lose your sight.)

Please enjoy your birthday and keep in mind all those wonderful goals you are in the process of reaching. :)

Sorry I'm late, Happy birthday friend!

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