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My Episode Review on Scooby-Doo! Mecha Mutt Menace (And the Reason for Why I Got Banned) · 1:03am May 15th, 2020

Before I present to you my newest review, I believe an explanation is in order for why I was banned from the site these past two days.

I got banned from the site due to excessive spamming of promotion and group invites. It’s not the first time that happened, and I learned my lesson a long time ago. But, I’m afraid spamming is something I’ve become addicted to and I’m not sure how to control myself.

The things I was spamming was a promotion of a Mage Meadowbrook group I founded a while back, and a message to various users to see if they’d like to come join the Ahuizotl group I founded based on them being members of the “Darizotl” and “Daring Do and Ahuizotl” groups.

I was so anxious to get feedback and new members for the two groups I was promoting I got carried away. 

All of this is why I’d like advice from you guys:

How can I get myself to stop spamming for good? What should I do to destroy my habit and addiction to it? And how can I promote my groups without accidentally breaking the rules in the process?


Today, for my 31st episode analysis, I’m gonna be giving you guys my take of “Scooby-Doo! Mecha Mutt Menace”.

Here's the rundown of it:

At a science expo in Houston, Texas, Fred has entered a new monster trap into the contest, which takes place in a NASA facility.

However, the latest invention of NASA scientist Dr. Ned Staples, a gigantic robotic dog named Mecha Mutt, goes haywire and causes mayhem at the base. Realizing that this is a crisis that shouldn't go unchecked, Fred, Scooby-Doo, Shaggy, Daphne, and Velma, along with their new friend Melanie Staples, must find Mecha Mutt and figure out what caused him to go on a rampage.

Will they solve the mystery? Or will Mecha Mutt escape and wreak havoc everywhere he goes?

I decided to review this Scooby-Doo special next after discovering the full episode of it on YouTube. I was going to save it for a much later time and place, but I figured to myself "Ah, what the heck. It wouldn't hurt to do it now."

In all honesty, this Scooby-Doo installment was another that I had an absolute blast watching.

For instance, the story by Rick Copp, and the direction by Michael Goguen, were extremely well-done. The writing was a definite improvement over "Spooky Games", because unlike the latter, Copp and Goguen were able to make sure it wasn't obvious who the person controlling Mecha Mutt turned out to be. Their ability to make everything as unpredictable as possible was excellent, and the humor they incorporated was sharp and brilliantly executed.

The animation of this special was amazing, if I may add. Admittedly, it was easy to tell that the robotic dogs were computer-animated, but they were still impressive to look at for ones done on such a small budget. The hand-drawn animation was likewise fantastic, and there was a resonance that made it seem so cinematic.

Finally, the performances of the cast, characters, and character development were deeply spot-on. Among the performances, Grey DeLisle's portrayal of Daphne was the one that I found to be the most emotionally-invested, especially whenever Daphne was jealous towards Melanie whenever she and Fred interacted. The guest stars were undeniably perfect for their parts, because they fit their characters like a glove and portrayed them so well.

In the end, "Scooby-Doo! Mecha Mutt Menace" is an enjoyably entertaining Scooby-Doo special that pretty much plays its cards right, and it has great action sequences on the side.

So, I rate "Scooby-Doo! Mecha Mutt Menace" five out of five stars.

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Well in regards to your "spamming" I strongly suggest that you remember that you let your watchers spread news about what you're promoting. Because anything you post on your blogs will be seen by your watchers and they can simply spread the word for you. You can trust me to help spread the word like that.

And in regards to this episode I haven't seen it yet to make an evaluation.

Glad to see you're back. But seriously, you gotta be more careful about the whole promotional thing.

And like HolyCross, I haven't seen this episode (or Scooby Doo in general) so no comment.

You're most welcome!

It's okay. Nothing wrong with that.

Which is why we should help him out in that department.

Hmm. I've started a system of self-discipline; ban myself from playing a video game (or games) for a certain period if I get carried away and break the rules. Basically, threaten to take something you enjoy from yourself for a period of time (a day or days long) if you keep spamming. And it has to be something you enjoy, not some side thing that you won't really miss.

As someone who’s seen more than my fair share of your promotion threads, I’d give the following pieces of advice.

Only make a promotion thread if there is an update. Added a new chapter to your story? Promotion thread. Got a piece of art commissioned for your story? Promotion thread. Your story got a positive review? Promotion thread. If you have reason to believe people have seen your story before, make sure you can answer the question “This story again? What’s different this time?”

Groups are more difficult to promote, since I can’t think of any significant updates worthy of their own promotion thread. Perhaps you can host a story contest in your group or something, and then promote that.

Make your promotion thread different every time. In the same way that you should only promote something when there is something different about it, you should also make sure the promotion thread itself is different. Copy-and-pasts promotions are boring to read and don’t attract attention. At worst, they make people think “If this author doesn’t take the time to make a spicy new promotion, maybe he didn’t take the time to make his story good.”

Do not post promotion threads too frequently. Think of promotion threads like commercial breaks applied on a greater time scale. More ads means more views, but only up to a certain point. If there are too many ads, people start disliking them and won’t even bother checking out the thing being promoted in the first place. One promotion thread every two weeks or one per month should be enough.

For stories, the best feedback comes from reviews. Reviews aren’t always positive, but they are pretty much a guarantee that someone will read your story and leave comments. Promotion threads are good for getting regular readers, but it is not a guarantee. Finally, if the review is positive, it can be quoted in a promotion thread.

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