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Goodness gracious! · 11:00am May 14th, 2020

70 followers?! :pinkiegasp:

I'll be honest, I never thought my muse would ever explode into action the way it has these past few months, and I'm so glad all my efforts haven't gone unnoticed! I've taken to writing clop like a fish to water, although I'm aware there's some areas I need to improve on. But...that just makes me even more thankful that I've got so many people that believe in my ability to write steamy-as-fuck interspecies erotica. <3

Y'all are awesome, and I'm glad you're enjoying reading my stories about tiny horses and bigger not-horses doing decidedly "not TV-Y" things. :rainbowwild:

Just finished finals today (they went well!) and spent the whole day grinding out Borderlands 3's Eridian Cartel event to celebrate. (O.P.Q System is nuts!)

More work on Into the Woods coming SoonTM! Getting the Vapors has stalled a bit since I need to take a further break from it and gather up some ideas for where I want it to go, but I will finish it, rest assured.

Keep on keepin' on. Stay safe through the craziness.


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Congratulations and keep up the good work!

I really need to get back into Borderlands 3. Congratulations man! Happy to be one of the first, of many to come!

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