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Another Name, Still a Filthy Snake! · 3:50am May 13th

So apparently Tooncritic has a new name, though I don't think he is back in the brony fandom as far as I know. Still here is a vid going into more detail about it.

(Obviously, I don't own this vid, clearly if it wasn't for ForNoGoodReason, I wouldn't even know about this. So give him your support if you want to keep on eye on dirt bags like Zack aka Tooncritic).

Seriously, this guy thinks he can dance around the subject and try to make light of what he did. What an a**hole. :ajbemused:

Zack, if you see this message, if you are truly sorry about what you did and what to move on, actually address it. Don't dance around it and try to be vague about it. You might as well to everyone to their face that you don't give a sh** and honestly I don't think you do. You're like the lazy co-workers I used to have that kept making excuses for what they did and expecting to get away with it.

Well, you're not. You're not getting away with it and you're lack of sincerity really ticks me off!

For the rest of you who are reading this, I just wanted to post this both to bring this information to light (spread the word) and to relieve some of the anger this video has caused me.

May you all have a good day.

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Comments ( 4 )

Can I get a TLDR of whatever his sins supposedly are so They can know if I’m interested enough to check it out?

ToonCritic/Cartoonz whatever you want to call him, used his fame to push a member of the brony community who was a minor into exchanging inappropriate contact on text and over chat.

The video has more detail. The short is, he's a pedophile or Minor Attracted Person (MAP) whatever you want to call it. He is completely personna non gratia in the Brony community.

Hopefully he's not back in the brony fandom, because we don't want him.

5261688 As mentioned in the video he sexually abused a few girls in addition to requesting nudes from a minor (and even paying for her tickets so she could come to America so he could have sex with her). There are SO many videos on this guy with piles upon piles of evidence.

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