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Car guy, Militaristic enthusiast, New writer and also a big fan of MLP F.I.M. Luna & Celestia! I'm also from New Zealand!

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    So you guys have been wondering on where I've been and why there are no updates to any of my stories. Well, I got news for an upcoming story I am making called "The Great Equestrian War" Basically a revamped story of "The Equestrian War: Human Support?" I am working hard on the prologue so you would expect the story to be up 1 or 2 weeks with a semi-decent prologue and a decent chapter 1 so yeah

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what should i do? · 11:26am May 10th

Should I put The Equestrian War: Human support? On hiatus or Need for speed: Running in the '90s or none? I'm pretty burned out right now

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Comments ( 7 )

Whichever one you don't want to keep going on for a while. So, if you don't feel like continuing on The Equestrian War: Human Support?, put that on hiatus, or vice versa.

I don't know I want to work on them but I just currently have no motivation right now. probably continue them next week or so.

Though it is your choice in the long run I would say to continue The Equestrian War: Human Support and put Need for speed: running in the '90s, but like I said it will be your choice to so or not. Do put the one that you feel is getting the least views or do the opposite to try and get more views on that story. There are many options.

You just sound like you need to take a break, I think we can all agree on that. Just chill for the week if you ask me.

Yeah, I should. but I have nothing to do...probably write a bit then take a break then do the same again so I don't get a brain aneurysm.

I would say take a brake from both for a bit the when you come back at the end of the week start on your preferred story and put the other on hold for naw personally I would prefer you continue the need for speed story as there are close to no good street racer story’s out there while there are a few they are far and thin between but there are loads of solder going to Equestria story’s but it is up to you as the story’s owner

If you have nothing to do why not search through Fimfiction and try to let others story’s inspire you after your brake

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