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hello i am the lesbian

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  • Friday
    pony life is a mess (literally): a first impression

    I haven't had the chance to illegally watch Pony Life yet (I don't have cable) so I decided to bite the bullet and try to watch it today. I watched the first episode, or the first two episodes? I wasn't really sure.

    So I grabbed my ramen in a bowl that was not made for ramen, and began watching! Here is my first impressions of Pony Life.

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  • Thursday
    an endeavour into digital painting

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  • 6 days
    everyone on frozen ig attacking me for shipping elsa with honeymaren

    so far ive had multiple people comment "ew", "no," or even curse at me in russian (?) and multiple people telling me that if i keep the post up ill get attacked by jelsa shippers (jack frost/elsa) which? honestly? getting attacked by a bunch of 13 year olds in the instagram comments section doesn't scare me one bit

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  • 4 weeks
    moving on from my little pony, finding other things to write about

    im going to be honest. a few weeks ago, i took a big trash bag and dumped all of my MLP collection from over the years into a giant donation bag. i dont really need a giant shelf full of mlp memorabilia that will never be worth anything more than a few bucks.

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  • 4 weeks
    the most cursed image youll ever have seen

    i took an ugly photo of myself from childhood and thought, hmm this reminds me of the face in the moon. so i photoshopped that photo into the moon.

    firstly, this is the photo. can we talk about how much of an absoulute gremlin i was as a child? i look like ive smoked crack all my life

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my little pony and sailor moon are intertwined plot wise. and i will take advantage of that. · 5:38pm May 8th

as i am writing my next story which is where the young six turn into sailor guardians i am realizing how easy it is to meld the two worlds together. maybe itd make more sense with the mane 6 but twilight really isnt usagi, and silverstream is totally usagi.
this story will be done in about 1000 years because i have a lot of things to do like apply to college

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