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I shed some pounds · 10:30am May 7th

Quarantine has lessened my food cravings, which has taught me self-discipline, which helped me on my weight loss journey through exercise. My previous weight is 176 lbs. Now, I weigh 169 lbs. and with a height of 5'9", my BMI is at 25.0. I'm almost there to achieve a normal BMI. ✌️

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Thanks! My food cravings for the past few years and being busy with my previous job has hindered my progress. I'm glad that I'm getting back on track.

I believe it is a common saying in the medical field
"Sometimes for things to get better, things have to get worse first."

I truly believe that. 5 years ago, I went through 5 episodes of vomiting in one day. The doctor confirmed that I had peptic ulcer disease, so they gave me prescription that is good for 2 weeks. Then 2 months later, I had a fever for a couple of days. My previous weight was 180 lbs. when I was in college, but my health being on compromise contributed to my sudden weight loss. It went down to 160 lbs.

Yikes. You have been through some bad spots my friend

I don't know how much of this I either forgot or just never noticed. Thanks for sharing this friend

And thanks for your empathy.

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