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Welcome! I enjoy writing fictions based upon the the human side of MLP, that both contain normal and erotic content. I hope you enjoy!

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Greetings, traveler... · 10:13pm May 6th

Well met!

Hey guys, what's been going on? I hope you've all been good and staying safe in these strange and messed up times.

I know in some countries around the world, this lockdown is happening and in other places it's not happening. Well, it doesn't matter where you are, just be safe and be smart. Wash those hands!

Things on my end have been the same as ever, if anything it's been busier. All due to the lockdown and physical distancing measures that the government have enforced. Either way, I'm surviving for the moment. Which is good I guess!

I've something new coming out for you lovely folk soon. Just be patient with me, and as always, work keeping me busy. So I'll get it up when I can, I promise.

You guys should let me know what you've all been up too. I'm curious to know what's been going on in your lives, so, let me know in the comments okay? Stay safe and awesome you wonderful people! :heart:

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Comments ( 8 )

I'm just staying at home, trying to get as much writing done as possible. Doesn't help that my mom decided to break her arm, so I have to do everything she'd usually do.

Eesh, with a picture like that I'd have to wash my hands more than once! :rainbowlaugh:

Work has been absolutely crazy and draining. I do plan on staying safe, 'cuz, yaknow... I like this whole "living" thing. :derpytongue2:

Aw, that sucks major! I'm sorry to hear that, I hope your mom heals up asap! You hang in there, okay? Keep writing and being awesome!

Yeah, you know what? I like living too, even if things are hard at the moment. And the pictures nice right? Yeah, thought that would gander some attention. :raritywink: Keep up the whole staying alive thing, would suck if something happened ya!

That's the plan! ^_^

Good, keep me updated! :twilightsmile:

DrDark7 #6 · May 8th · · ·

same old

You hang in there! You can totally do this, awesome guy! :twilightsmile:

i can only hope

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