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Let it be known that I've no idea what I'm doing anymore. Hey, actually, while I'm at it, I do have a little bit of an idea- writing stories. Is that what I'm doing here ?

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  • 355 weeks
    Hello again!

    I'm back! That's right, the pony is here! In the house! . . . Yea, that's literally all I've got for this post.
    Oh, also, I'm working on a story. That's always good, right ?

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  • 361 weeks
    Woah, this is still a thing?

    Hey! If anyone knows, remembers, or cares about me, It's me! The guy who wrote stores, that I deleted because I completely lost track of them, just because they were in my head for more than five minutes! Yes! I'm the sporadic guy who does everything on a whim, including make up the ending of the story! I have no friends! :D!

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  • 452 weeks
    Hello Again, Peoples

    Supposed to be a blog a day and I was busy throwin' time away. Not the best rhyme, but not toooo bad either.
    Where are we now is almost fully planned out- I should resume typing it now...
    The Round World's ending was decided, but I'm still far from it. Should probably continue typing that.
    Crown Attack will be receiving updates soon.

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  • 454 weeks
    I said I'd do this...

    I think i will stick with that one blog per day thing. So, in today's blog;
    Still debating on Crown Attack's next chapter, can't figure out what to do with it...
    The Round World should have a new chapter or two by next Monday
    Where are we now will be continued fast as i can while it is still fresh in my mind.
    Those of you who only read one or two of my stories, be sure to read the others.

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  • 454 weeks
    Returning once more

    Gosh it's hard to stay active, isn't it? Going to try to do that one blog per day thing, if not more blogs per day, just to stay as active to this website as I can.
    So, what is going on right now;

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Welcome back · 11:11pm Nov 20th, 2012

Just a quick post if anyone cares, i'm back with full power and my internet finally returned! Yaaay! Now, all I have to do it type extremely fast, extremely well, and extremely entertaining..ly.. or something like that. Anyways, i'm getting back to work on my stories, so you can expect to see updates soon... maybe even some new stories emerging, eventual-e.

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