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"I was just thinking. Maybe I was wrong before. Who cares if the stars are dead? As long as we can see them, that means they're real... to us. Right?" "Right." - Rachel Amber and Chloe Price

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Six Years Ago Today · 1:20am May 5th

I fell in love with six very colourful ponies, and one equally colourful dragon.

That was one of the best things to ever happen in my life. :heart:

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Comments ( 14 )

The day you found MLP was also May the 4th? Wowza, a truly special day

I don't know if I ever asked this of you, but how did you discover MLP?

I told it in a blog once a few years ago. Ironically Scoots is now my ex and I'm out of contact with all the friends I mention except Stellar Bubbles.

Also MLP is... sort of contested with Life is Strange as my favourite fandom. I love LiS more but I prefer the MLP fandom as a community and ponyfy everything and such things.

A nice story of introduction to the series.

Name is familiar but I don't think I know them

Never seen the LiS community before. I to like to ponyfy things as well.
If there was anything to contest MLP, LiS is a good and very understandable one.

I've only seen the LiS community in YouTube comments.
But yeah, universe,lore, large cast of characters and community for MLP are the absolute best. But LiS is better just by itself, and more on a much more personal level.

What are they like?

Well put I would say

The commenters? Generally pretty nice and positive. They really love LiS obviously and Max and especially Chloe. Unfortunately there is quite pretty strong hostility between those who sacrificed Chloe and those who sacrificed Arcadia Bay - being on the fence and having chosen each choice once means I feel this rivalry is stupid. Both choices make sense.

Yeah. I mean LiS is in this world, and one person with superpowers is the only thing different.
And though there's many great characters - Kate, Joyce, David, Warren, Victoria, Dana and I could go on and on... the fame when it really comes down to it is all about Chloe. Which is why that final choice is so very hard.

Sounds kinda like the Undertale fandom between the Pacifist and Genocide rout players at least from what I have seen

Even with powers as great that Max Caulfield has, the powers while used to prevent the worst possible outcome in many situations, are limited. She still has to make tough decisions like a lot of us do, and live with the thoughts and doubt "what if I did this instead." That is something so universal we can all identify with greatly. they build the characters in such a way you feel strongly about them, in many cases either a friendship or a close bond, and in the others you feel disdain in loathing towards them for what they did.

They did an amazing job. With one MARK JEFFERSON exception every character seems so complex. Even the ones you loathe like Nathan you also feel somewhat sorry for - THOUGH I'LL NEVER FORGIVE HIM FOR KILLING RACHEL AND CHLOE (even if the latter was changed) - and Victoria I actually actively like as a character, and somewhat as a person, and befriend by the end.

Yeah. HE was utterly just.... ( :pinkiesick: :ajbemused: :flutterrage: ) I think summarizes it best.
True there as well. Nathan while having done things that were utterly detestable, was used by Mark and was thrown away. He deserved punishment but not that.

Pretty sure Jefferson is a literal psychopath. His ability to act like a likeable normal guy and his complete inability to understand how horrible what he does really is proves that.

What Nathan deserved was to not have a piece of shit for a father.

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