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Just some feel goods · 3:16pm May 4th, 2020

Know this will probably just be seen as bragging, but I was really happy when I saw it yesterday:

Was even more so this morning when I saw all three previous stories in popular for a bit.

Thank you all again, whether you're re-reading these because of the finale or reading it all for the first time.

Report Flashgen · 176 views · Story: They're Never Coming Back · #Woohoo
Comments ( 8 )

Congrats. Waiting until it's complete before I actually read it, but super stoked to see it finally here.

you earned it, they're a captivating series of stories

Hey, you deserve it!! It's my favorite horror series for MLP, hands down!!

That's pretty dope, yo

You absolutely, positively deserve this, dude. Good work. :D

Congrats my man! You really deserve it :D
Can't wait to dive into the spook soon :raritywink:

I seem to recall you mentioning you were having some trouble getting this one done (though, if I've misremembered, then I've just put by foot in my mouth). It's good to see you were able to polish off your magnum opus. I've said it before, but for the record, you proved there was a market for quality Horror in this fandom before I ever came along.

So, from one spinner of terror-tales to another, much respect. :moustache:


Yeah, I was definitely struggling with it for a while, but it all seemed to click after last Bronycon.

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