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    Thank you so much, everyone!

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    The Writing of A Day for Family

    Hello, everyone! A while back, when I confirmed The Bonds of Love would happen, I also said that I would talk a bit about what writing A Day for Family was like. It’s not like I’m going to use this Blog much for anything else, so why not? :moustache:

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    The Bonds of Love Progression Update!

    Hello, Everyone! So! Chapter 1 of The Bonds of Love is now up and ready for everyone to read! I hope you're all enjoying it so far and are looking forward to the next chapter! But now that we're on that subject; when do I plan to post Chapter 2?

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    Happy Easter! Also sequel announcement!

    Happy Easter and salutations to the one person that will probably ever read this!

    So I've been gone for a while, but I'll be coming back soon! :pinkiehappy:

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The Bonds of Love Progression Update! · 12:20am May 4th, 2020

Hello, Everyone! So! Chapter 1 of The Bonds of Love is now up and ready for everyone to read! I hope you're all enjoying it so far and are looking forward to the next chapter! But now that we're on that subject; when do I plan to post Chapter 2?

Well, I mentioned it in the author's note at the end of Ch. 1, but now that I am actually awake have a chance to go over it fully, here's how I'm doing it:

I don't intend to post a chapter until I've at least finished the next two chapters after it. This is because I still keep going over the chapters I've currently written over and over again, making tiny little changes/corrections where I see them.

Most of it is making grammar corrections or taking out unnecessary fluff. But a fair bit of it is because I need/want to go back into the previous chapter and tweak something to make the story "Flow better" if that makes any sense. So until I finish Chapter 4, I don't intend to post Chapter 2.

Having said that! As I also said in my author's note, I already have Ch. 2 - 3 completed. I still want to go over Ch. 2 about twenty two more times, but it is - for the most part - done. And because I know how annoying it is for an "Incomplete" story to stay as such for too long, if Chapter 4 is taking a long time to finish, I will post chapter 2 regardless. Now that begs the question as to when that will be...

Well, I don't want to put some arbitrary due date on myself and fly into a stressful frenzy, trying to complete Chapter 4 as quickly as I can just to post the second one. Call me a perfectionist, but I'd rather take plenty of time to ensure the next chapter is as good as I can make it to be, instead of rushing it all out and risking the final product not being satisfactory.
I'm sorry that that's the way I'm handling it instead of just posting the chapters regardless.

But putting my personal hang-ups aside, the latest I'll give myself is somewhere around the 20th - 23rd.

To be honest, I am still a little uneasy about posting the story as I am finishing it, as opposed to completing the entire thing first and then releasing it at a steady pace.
For one thing, if I did the latter, I'd have been able to go over the entire package as well as keep some semblance of a proper upload schedule. However, I pretty much vanished after posting A Day for Family, and I didn't want make anyone have to wait for months on end to see what I did next.

Regardless, I posted The Bonds of Love, intending to complete it chapter-by-chapter as I went. And whether I like it or not, I'm committing to that decision. So, yeah. Chapter 2 will be posted around the 20th - 23rd if I can't finish Chapter 4 by then. God help my stress levels and blood pressure if that happens

With all of that out of the way, how exactly am I fairing regarding what I currently have done?

Well? To be honest, I'm way behind where I wanted to originally be. If you read the blog post where I confirmed A Day for Family would have a sequel, you likely remember that I said that I was - at the time - almost done with Chapter 2.
I...gravely miscalculated where I was when writing that blog post. I was more "halfway done" with Chapter 2 instead of "almost done." To make matters worse, if I had finished the chapter as it was, it would have been well-over 40k words.
Yeah, no. Just...no. :twilightoops:

You can probably already tell that the chapter lengths of The Bonds of Love are probably going to be on the longer side, but I'd have to be stupidly oblivious to think anyone would want to read one single chapter that was over 40k words! A one-shot, maybe? But a chapter!? No!
As a result of that, I ended up splitting the original Chapter 2 into both Ch. 2 and Ch. 3. So that was fun!
And yes. That means that Ch. 2 - 3 as they are now are around 20k words each. Sorry about that. :applejackconfused:

Other than that? Like I said, I still want to rigorously check over Ch. 2 - 3 about twenty two or three more times, but yeah. They're good to go for the most part. I took a bit of a breather after I posted Chapter 1, but now I'm off to go start Chapter 4!

I have a deadline after all! :raritywink:

Side note: Once again, if you read my previous blog post you might remember that I said I would talk about what my writing process for A Day for Family was like(If that even interested anyone at all :derpyderp1:). Well? I don't want to bog down this post any more than I have to, so I'll talk about that in a different blog post. When will that be? Around the same time that I post Chapter 2.

In any case, I hope you all have a wonderful day and that the rest of the Bonds of Love will meet all of your expectations!

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