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May Update · 1:37pm May 1st

Welcome to May.

So with the latest update the newly renamed Diversity Club has concluded its intro. (Almost), For one last time I will have to go back and revise a chapter as a result of the change of themes. Chapter 2 will be expanded at some point during the month. That will be the last of revising previously posted chapters. A chapter six should come by the end of the month or the start of next month should all go well.

Diversity Club will also be receiving a new cover art As the current one still says "Rough Year" on it.

In progress

Besides that as you've probably noticed I can't focus on writing one thing at a time. Especially long stories, I need my one shot in between. In the middle of the month there should be a one shot. Either about Sandbar or Smolder. We'll see which when it happens.

With that I leave you with another comic.

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What was Diversity Club called before?

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