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Ballad of The Defeat of Nightmare Moon · 10:11pm Apr 30th, 2020

Fields of Equestria are green and beautiful
Green and beautiful,
Where the apple trees grow
In the plains below,
But high in the sky, Nightmare bides her time,
Nightmare bides her time,
In a C'lestial crib,
Magic of Friendship

There is a town known as Ponyville
Where the flowers once bloomed,
Trapped in this farmer's town crying for help,
Two thousand ponies are doomed.

Now here is the problem how to rescue them
From the vengeful queen
When deep in the Everfree
Nightmare blocks the Magic of Friendship

So in the face of odds impossible
Unlikely companions trotted all alone
Headed for the throne.

Six mares come to save two thousand souls
Two thousand souls, the scared and controlled
For whom the bells have tolled.
Six mares have to brave the Everfree
Here where the beasts are,
Think what the odds are - six mares.

Braving the trials friendship blossoms,
Friendship blossoms, monsters defeated
Each one of them fled.
Six flies climb the Nightmare's spider web,
Search the castle for any clue,
So little time to loose.

Nightmare plays her last card desperately,
Ev'rything reckoned,
Harmony realized -

Light and pendants and ponies are going up,
Nightmare blowing up
Thru the thundering roar
Harmony mares soar.
Yas-su, thank you to the gallant mares, mission accomplished,
Farewell my friends,
And so the legend ends.

Yas-su, toll the bells of Ponyville,
Safe be your journey,
Fair wind attends you. Yas-su. Yas-su.

Now in Equestria green and beautiful
With the morn again,
Hope is born again.
We shall be friends, live and be friends!

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