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    Some Writers Are In Need Of Help

    Hey, so apparently, there's a big controversy going around the site at the moment. It seems it started with a little argument between two members, Blaze-sabre and Skywalker215, where Blaze-sabre joked that his stories were cut-and-paste of the show he crossed over with. Unfortunately, Skywalker215 took him seriously and reported the guy, Blaze-Sabre to a modulator. From what I gathered, the mod,

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    Attention all viewers.

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    I'm 37 Today

    Today is my birthday! :twilightsmile:

    I've officially turned 37! I better watch myself. I'll be forty before I know it!:rainbowlaugh: Of course, this birthday is a little more melancholy seeing as how it's the first one since I lost my father last year.:fluttershysad:

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    To All FlutterDash Fans

    Hey to all my fellow FD shippers!

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Nevermind My Previous Blogs · 9:35pm Apr 30th, 2020

To everyone it seemed I was egging on to help me, I apologize. Using Google Docs, I managed to correct the writing errors myself. Now my story should be completely free of mistakes. I must admit, I feel a bit sheepish about the obvious boo-boos I made. I must've been in a such a frenzy to finish it last week that I missed them. I'm glad that they were brought to my attention, otherwise, it may have severely crippled my chances in Dirty Little Secret's contest. I can also see why so few people were willing to see it more, let alone leave comments. I hope that everyone will now read and enjoy it now that it has been corrected and it has been given a very appealing cover pic. Wish me luck in the contest!

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