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    So, Merry Christmas.

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I'm Writing! · 5:35pm Nov 20th, 2012

Call it a manic phase if you will. I've been more irritable, more easily distracted, and way more stressed out over everything lately. But alongside that, I've also been more creative and more inclined to put my ideas to paper. I'm going to chalk it up to a net win, because combined with my resolution to be okay with writing things that weren't Perfect For Me, it's resulted in a new publishable story. I've titled it "Guilty as Charged", and it's currently in the phase where I go back to my first draft and try to make improvements wherever I can. (Normally this would be an editing phase, but I still haven't gotten the hang of this "rough draft" thing. I still edit way too much as I go, instead of getting the story out first and prettying it up later.)

Some of you might have seen me mention in the comments of my last blog post that I had high hopes for a particularly dark one-shot story that was bouncing around in my head. This is that story. It is, of course, my personal favorite kind of dark story. There's no gore. There's no violence. While sex plays a very big role in the plot, there are no lurid descriptions of sexual encounters (unless you consider "and then they had sex" to be explicit, in which case there's really no help for you). There are no villains, and no terrible creatures of nightmare lurking in the shadows.

Sometimes the only monsters are ourselves. Sometimes the real horrors are acts we commit with the purest of intentions. If you aren't afraid of gray areas, you just might enjoy this story. I certainly did. I'll leave you with a teaser while I finish it up: the plea of the accused.

Mares and stallions, I stand before you accused of a terrible crime. But for now, I want you to see me not as a criminal, but as a simple stallion, no different than any of you. I could tell you that I’m guilty, or I could tell you that I’m innocent, and that could be that. Either might be true, but neither is the whole truth.

Mares and stallions, this is not a plea for mercy. I only ask that, before you judge me, you understand me. No pony is born a criminal. And I didn't just wake up one morning and think to myself, “Today, I will kill Twilight Sparkle.”

Comments ( 15 )

Welcome back ^^ It's been a while.

Can't wait to read more of your work!

Sounds interesting, and I'm glad to hear that you're writing again!

No violence, but there is death...

I'll pass, thanks.


...You're such a tease. ...I eagerly await this story. It sounds really good!

Good to hear you're writing again. :twilightsmile: I hope this can continue for awhile. Perhaps minus the irritability... :twilightsheepish:

Suspension of belief for this plot is difficult considering the accused is not a pile of dust.
I'll probably read this but expect nipicky criticisms.


very interesting. Do continue. :moustache:

I would have passed on it too if I hadn't been the fool who wrote it! Don't you worry, I'm sure whatever I put out next will be much lighter fare. :raritywink:

Or an orange!


An orange if he failed.
Dust if he succeeded.


Yeah, either way he's fucked. The attempt itself would be enough to end him. Besides, there's no way he could ever succeed. We're talking about the most powerful unicorn to have ever lived, here.


...fine, why not?

>killing Twilight

Yeah, fuck no.

That's the very question the story sets out to answer, in fact. :ajsmug:

That teaser was very effective. I want to read this. I suppose you inofrm your followers on DA aswell? Of course you do. Thank you :)

Welcome back. And these news are Perfect for Me. :twilightsmile:

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