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  • Today
    And the YTPers rejoiced

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  • Saturday
    Just started playing Bowser’s Fury

    Dunno which detail I should specifically be paying attention to:

    - Mario and Bowser Jr. forming an alliance
    - The game being as open world as Super Mario Odyssey
    - The ability to store more than one item unlike Super Mario 3D World

    Let’s go with that third one.

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  • Friday
    Saw this in my feed:

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  • Thursday

    Another collaboration with Griff. Enjoy.

    Basher stormed out of the gas station station, firmly kicking an empty plastic cup on the ground along the way. “Ignorant jerks,” he gruffed, ruffling his leather overcoat with the agitated scrunch of his muzzle, sending another piece of litter flying with a smack of his hoof as he sat down on the concrete. 

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  • Thursday
    Which game pisses you off to no end...

    ...yet you can’t stop playing it? For me, it’s Tower of Hell.

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Fun Fact: · 5:07pm Apr 29th, 2020

Not being alone in complete darkness is actually worse than being alone in complete darkness.

I got that from this song down here. 👇🏻

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Comments ( 4 )

It depends who you're not alone with....

It’s not that your afraid of being alone in the dark...
You are a actually afraid of not being alone in the dark

That’s exactly my point.

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