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PONID-21 Day 8 · 11:56pm April 28th

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Lisa 1/13/2021 7:11 AM
I need a hug.

Penny 1/13/2021 7:13 AM
What about Bob?

Lisa 1/13/2021 7:17 AM
I need a hug, not a snuggle.
Besides, you give better hugs.

Penny 1/13/2021 7:19

*News reporter sitting behind desk*

"We would like to issue an apology regarding yesterday's report of the COVID-19 treatment research lab. It has come to our attention that our source was less reliable than we'd hoped."

"Now, how's that weather, Jim?"


Lisa 1/13/2021 8:15 AM
Well, I guess that at least gives us back our privacy.
Btw, I'm having breakfast at the usual place. Anyone who's @here wants to come down and chat about the latest changes?

Bob 1/13/2021 8:18 AM
I might have a problem with that. I went for a run earlier and couldn't get back in the door.

Lisa 1/13/2021 8:22 AM
What? Where are you?

Penny 1/13/2021 8:22 AM
Get too big?
Oh, there you are. We're coming.

Subject: Day 8 morning exam results
10:09 A.M.
Subject: 113823102021

Robert Cowell's size has surpassed what our outer doors can allow for. This is fantastic. We have a weigh-station for trucks in the loading area, and he's a little under 5000lbs. We're not sure if the floor of the building can take that much weight walking on it, so he's staying in the vehicle shed for now.

His growth rate is accelerating. We have no idea where it will stop or if it will stop. At the size he is now, he shouldn't be able to walk around on two legs, but he can. It's a puzzle, and I know one of my junior team members will earn a dozen papers from it.

—Doctor Howards

To: Lisa Trent
Subject: Assistance

Thank you again for your assistance. I understand the edits on the files your app reported are responsible for the news report earlier?

—Doctor Howards

To: Dr. Howards
Subject: Assistance

Yeah. Anyone looking at the images will see that they had a lot of the metadata messed with and some image effects added. Thanks for letting us run the cafeteria ourselves, it really boosted morale to have some home-cooked food.

If you have any more problems with the tech stuff, let me know and I'll try to help you out.

—Lisa Trent

To: Lisa Trent
Subject: Assistance

If you're looking for work, I could have you help our IT team organize a more secure system. I've talked with them and they're happy to have the assistance.

I can't pay you for this.

—Doctor Howards

To: Dr. Howards
Subject: Assistance

I know this isn't going how you'd planned. These changes mean this drug is useless. You rushed this and it went to shit. I get that, and honestly I signed up with the thought that I might die from this.

Doc, I get that someone is going to look for a head to roll and you're probably gonna be that one. But you know what, I've seen you help, really help. Letting us work in the kitchen, dealing with what happened to Devon, and supporting Karen; it all means a lot to us.

I want to help you. Stopping the press and whoever else from barging in here and breaking us all up, that's what I want. You're doing your best with a shitshow that's unbelievable.

That's why I'm helping. If you can think of anything, or if I can think of anything, let's keep talking.

—Lisa Trent

Subject: Conversation
12:23 P.M.
Subject: 113822402021

Lisa is, without a doubt, the most amazing woman I have ever met. Her mind is sharper than a tack and I'm pretty sure she's both braver and smarter than I am.

—Doctor Howards


Bob 1/13/2021 2:11 PM
Hoo boy. It's been a big day. Pun intended. I went out for an early run, and I fit through the doors when I started, but I grew bigger while outside and now I can only fit in their workshed. Everything's bigger. I have claws that could rip apart cars, I can feel hot inside to the point where I puff out smoke if I get upset, and… I'll just say it. I'm turning into a dragon!

Penny 1/13/2021 2:22 PM
Right, shoulda done this earlier, but I've been keeping the big guy company. I'm basically more of the same. My wings are growing out, or in… whatever. One's feathered like Devon's, but the other is more dragon. Hands and feet are all over the place, only more. I have a paw and a talon for hands, a hoof and a dragon foot on the other side. I don't think I'm a dragon, and now I have this odd face with goofy teeth… I'm rambling. Go me!

Devon 1/13/2021 2:24 PM
I got you all beat. The doc who did my morning tests actually had me try to fly, and I did! This is so awesome! My wings work soooo well, and I can even type on a keyboard with them. Has anyone else tried using their feathers as fingers? They totally work. Doctor was freaked at that. Maybe it's just me being too cool and, you know, being awesome. My eyesight is getting better and if my legs will finish changing I'll be able to walk a LOT easier. What else? Oh, so the whole being a mare thing? Not a problem at all.

Lisa 1/13/2021 2:31 PM
I don't think my wings are quite ready for typing yet, but I think you're a bit ahead of us with the changes. Like Devon, I'm getting a set of wings and four hooves, but if anything my eyesight got worse. Only in my right eye, the derpy one. Gotten smaller, too. I've been slowly adjusting my seat higher and higher so I can reach my keyboard. My ears have gotten a bit higher up my head and I'm pretty sure my face has formed a more pronounced muzzle. Posting more pictures of this.

Ass 1/13/2021 2:33 PM
I'm not who I was, and that's okay. I'm changing just like everyone else, well, except the hooves bit and my face feels really odd, but I just wanted to take a moment to be a downer one last time and point to the elephant in the room, or in our heads. I'm happy. It's messed up and weird, but I like it. I've been depressed most of my life, took meds for a while but they didn't help. Only thing that helped was getting angry, and I don't want to be angry all the time. Now… I'm happy. It's terrible and wonderful. I don't care that I've turned into a girl. I don't care that my parents and friends wouldn't recognize me. I don't care because I just want to help others be happy and I am happy. I don't think I was ever really happy before this.


Karen 1/13/2021 2:36 PM
Would you like to talk about it?

Ass 1/13/2021 2:37 PM
Yeah and no. Would you like to talk to me about it?

Karen 1/13/2021 2:41 PM
I believe I would.

Ass 1/13/2021 2:42 PM
Okay! I'll be right there.
Uh, where are you? I haven't been to your room yet.


Mike 1/13/2021 2:44 PM
Some of you have wings, some of you have horns, is it odd to have both? I have both. They keep measuring my horn with some big loop of wire, but I don't think their results are what they want. My wings are slowly growing (so jealous of Devon), and I think my hands and feet are coming in slower too, but check out the size of this snout! (picture in #images). Anypony else wanna read a book with me?

Steve 1/13/2021 2:48 PM
No horn, no wings, but I got four stout hooves and I still cook circles around you all. My ears are way up on top of my head. Since you others have said it, I'll add my bit. I'm a mare now. It's really freaky, but I guess it's okay since it doesn't feel like I've lost anything.

Suzy 1/13/2021 2:59 PM
Same as Steve. No horn or wings, but everything else seems to be going well. My tail is so cool. You're wrong, Steve, I still kick your butt in the kitchen. Oh, and I'm apparently a stallion now. My boobs are shrinking and I have… HEEEE. Should I post a pic in #images?


Steve 1/13/2021 3:09 PM
I'll send a pic of mine if you send a pic of yours.

Suzy 1/13/2021 3:11 PM
Sure. On the dot of 3:20, okay?


Lisa 1/13/2021 3:03 PM
We can do without dickpics, @Suzy

Suzy 1/13/2021 3:22 PM
It's cool. I was joking, honestly.

Steve 1/13/2021 3:28 PM
Yup. Totally joking.

Lisa 1/13/2021 3:33 PM
Just keep it to DMs. We don't all need to see it, and what you do privately, as adults, is your own thing.

Penny 1/13/2021 3:36 PM
So, apart from sausage, what's for dinner?

Interview with Aaron Styles
age 20
ID: 113823882021

Transcript of conversation with notes added from my clipboard.

AS (Aaron Styles): So, what do you want to talk about?

Notes: He sounds so happy and excited. I'll have to look over his chat logs, but from what I remember of him at some of the gatherings, he was never like this.

KS (Dr. Karen Simpson): You, mostly. You said you feel like you're changing mentally. I've noticed some similar changes in others, but nothing quite as much as with you.

AS: Hey, so I'm special? That's kinda cool. It just feels better like this, you know? I was on anti-depressants when I was a kid, and they didn't work. Okay, they kinda worked at the time, but now I'm not depressed. It's like these changes actually make me happy or something.

KS: The changes make you happy or one of the changes is that you are becoming happy?

Notes: If this really has undone depression, the medical possibilities are endless. The difference between myself and Dr. Howards, however, is that I won't lose sight of the big picture.

AS: Did you know one of your eyes looks different?

Notes: I didn't. I'd been busy most of the morning writing up a psych evaluation for Robert Cowell (113823102021).

KS: I guess that comes with the whole deal, right? What color is it?

AS: *stands up and steps a little closer to look in my eyes* Blue. Really blue. Not like what people have, humans I mean, but blue like, like… I don't know. The other's still brown.

KS: Well, I'll be thankful that my eyesight isn't decreasing like Lisa's.

AS: I feel bad for her with that. My new eye is really good, actually. Doctors said it was 20/5 in that eye. They were a bit freaked out.

KS: 20/5? Give me a second.

Notes: I spent a moment bringing up his medical records on my computer and sure enough. His right eye measured 20/15 but his left was 20/5. It had sharpened his eyesight beyond the human norm and it might have been spreading to his other eye.

KS: Your vision is amazing in that eye, and I see it's getting better in your other eye too. Have you noticed anything else?

AS: Well, I was trying to test my new fingers out myself with some matchsticks I'd found and some glue I stole, and I knocked the glue off the table. Then I caught it before it even reached the edge. It was like the movement of it was a magnet and my hand moved so quick to stop it.

KS: Reflexes. Your eyes reacting to motion so much is odd, but that could be explained by your perception of events at the time being skewed. If you're okay with me doing it, I could mention it to your doctor to test?

AS: Sure! It'd be fun to find out what other things I can do. I also feel really full of energy now. Earlier, when I wrote that report on what had happened, I… I felt different. I managed to be sad and depressed, but only a little. It was like when you see those videos of a dam filling up and not letting any water out.

KS: The water is your depression?

AS: Other way around! Whenever I try to hold back the happiness it just gets stronger and stronger until I can't stop smiling and then I'll start dancing and singing. Not that I don't like those, but I didn't think they were fun before.

KS: Have you tried doing activities you used to enjoy? Computer games was listed as one of your hobbies.

AS: Games are still fun, but they're more fun with others. What I used to do to work all my anger out was box. Just on a heavy bag, but my claws have made that a bit harder to do now.

KS: Would you like me to talk to the people who run the gym? I'm sure they can find something for you.

AS: I'd really like that!

KS: I'll get right on it.

Post session notes: Aaron didn't mention once his sex changing. If he hadn't been so happy about telling everyone on the chat server, I'd have thought he was denying it. Given Devon Creed (113822522021) seems to have had the same reaction to his change, once the shock of his almost-assault wore off, I think there might be a lot more to the mental effects than I'd previously assumed.

The strange thing is Robert Cowell isn't showing these same changes, or much of any mental changes. Could it have something to do with age or is he just resisting it better? Each and every one of these people is a lifetime of study on their own, but I have to resist the urge to focus on them as subjects and just try to pull them all through this intact mentally.

Physically… I don't think I can help with. Not when I have succumbed to the same disease. My hands are feeling a little stiff; how much longer can I keep typing?

—Doctor Simpson


Karen 1/13/2021 5:01 PM

Lisa 1/13/2021 5:07 PM
Yeah, Karen?

Karen 1/13/2021 5:09 PM
Is the offer of a hug still open?

Lisa 1/13/2021 5:10 PM


Bob 1/13/2021 7:21 PM
Thanks for bringing me something to eat.

Penny 1/13/2021 7:24 PM
Hey, no problems. When I started eating my third helping, it clicked who was missing and what it'd be like for someone twice my size.

Bob 1/13/2021 7:26 PM
Well, I'm still saying thanks.

Penny 1/13/2021 7:33 PM
You want to ask for a hug but you don't want to ask, because you're not a pony like the rest.

Bob 1/13/2021 7:49 PM
I want something, but I don't know if a hug is it. Lisa's… You called them ponies?

Penny 1/13/2021 7:50 PM
Little horses. They might have wings or horns or whatever else, but they're still got little hooves and shrinking bodies. They're ponies.

Bob 1/13/2021 7:53 PM
Lisa's big on hugging, and she'll hug anyone to help them feel better, but I don't want a "hug" to feel better.

Penny 1/13/2021 7:54 PM
You want to bang?

Bob 1/13/2021 7:57 PM
I don't know if I even can anymore. I'm big, Penny. She's small and I'm way too big now.

Penny 1/13/2021 7:59 PM
No, silly. I wasn't asking in that sense.
Do you want to bang me?
Penny 1/13/2021 8:15 PM
You still there?

Bob 1/13/2021 8:19 PM
I mean, yeah I'm still here!

Penny 1/13/2021 8:20 PM
So you don't want to?
Penny 1/13/2021 8:40 PM
I'm coming down and asking in person. I'm a big girl, Robert. If I offer and you don't reply, though, I might just not come down.

Bob 1/13/2021 8:22 PM
I mean, yeah.

Penny 1/13/2021 8:23 PM
Sure, if you want to be vulgar about it. OMW.

Doctors: Looking around at the potential leaks have you considered that the doctor you just fired for bad conduct is a strong suspect for getting revenge on the study?

"I would have hoped any doctor I'd employed would adhere to standard doctor-patient confidentiality. This only confirms that the person should never have been working here," Dr. Howards said.

So I do this "Ask X" thing. X can be any pony within the story. You can ask them anything and they will definitely, hopefully reply. Keep the questions appropriate to the age-rating of the stories, and they will answer the best question in the author notes of the next chapter. The more votes a comment has the more likely I will get it to the right pony to answer. Try to keep it to one question per post! They will pick one question per chapter.

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Comments ( 11 )

I'm getting a set of wings and four hooves, but if anything my eyesight got worse. Only in my right eye, the derpy one.

I'd love to seeing techno-wizard Derpy. And hope when the change finish, her eyesight would match those of pegasi - except a bit difficult to focus on a single point.

Well, that's one media bullet dodged...

:twilightoops: 5000 pounds!? Where's it all coming from? This isn't a cure for Covid-19, it's a cure for the conservation of energy! I wouldn't normally object to thermodynamics issues, but I wasn't expecting quite that degree of pharmaceutical magic.

Maybe it's just me being too cool and, you know, being awesome

Just in case it wasn't clear what form Devon's assuming.

Only in my right eye, the derpy one.

Hmm. Looking back, her eye did turn yellow...
Competent Best Pony? Competent Best Pony. I approve.

Now… I'm happy. It's terrible and wonderful. I don't care that I've turned into a girl. I don't care that my parents and friends wouldn't recognize me. I don't care because I just want to help others be happy and I am happy.

Yeah, that's downright disturbing. Some degree of enforced calm is necessary to avoid an existential crisis in this scenario, but mandatory happiness is rarely a good sign. :twilightoops:
Granted, if he's going full Gabby, it's not too terrible.

Anypony else wanna read a book with me?

Ah. Well then.

Looking forward to more. Especially if any further contamination takes place.

5252263 Well, I figured the coverart might have given her away already, but yeah, Lisa is turning a little :derpytongue2:

As for Robert, are you going to ask a 5-ton dragon to conserve energy and be smaller, because I'm not.

Is Aaron becoming gabby...at first I thought pinky but...claws

Karen 1/13/2021 5:01 PM

Lisa 1/13/2021 5:07 PM
Yeah, Karen?

Karen 1/13/2021 5:09 PM
Is the offer of a hug still open?

Lisa 1/13/2021 5:10 PM

Whoooooolesome. Possibly the highlight of the chapter >:3

As an aside, I'm getting maaaajor trans girl vibes from Styles.

Daremo #7 · May 1st · · ·

5000 lbs would be 2.5 tons. :twilightsmile:

5254307 I had to do all kinds of crazy conversions and stuff to get these numbers. But yeah, he's now reaching the point where his feet would crack the cement in the facility.

Im gonna follow you now so i know when the next post is

5255232 My fiendish plan is working!

BIPEDAL. Becoming In-real-life Pony: the Ever-Depressing Ascending Life.
I really should not let my instinctual fear take hold. An ascension into Equestrian creatures is definitely a nice future for mankind.

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