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RiP - Midnight · 9:47pm April 26th

I'm sad to say one of my dogs passed a few days ago. I've been trying to take it all in, but it's devastating. Her name was Midnight, but I called her Pup because, due to a heart condition, she never fully grew and looked like a puppy. I knew this day would come, the vet told me she could die at any time, but she managed to live to about five years old before passing from a sudden heart attack.

She was a lovely dog. Always wagging her tail and trying her best to play but would get tired quickly due to her condition. The suddenness is hard to deal with. One moment she was fine and then was gone. It was instant, and there was nothing I could've done to prevent it.

So. Yeah. This fucking sucks.

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Comments ( 15 )

So sorry to hear that, man. I've been there and it sucks.

Sorry for your loss my friend. 😔

I'm really sorry to hear... especially that I have a similar dog and I really know the pain of losing one...
She had a good life, I'm sure of it. And she appreciated the moments she could spend with you. That's what is important

Sorry for your loss. ☹️

Yeah, this is the only bad part of having a dog. They have us forever, but we only have them for a while. :ajsleepy:


Rest In Peace and happiness doggo. Sorry for the loss you have experienced.

Same, I know the pain of losing your best friend and i'm sorry for your loss.

Sorry for your loss, mine died last year at the age of 17.

I'm sorry for your loss.

I feel your pain my friend, I too lost my family dog suddenly not too long ago. Just remember the good times and remember that there is no pain where they are now.


Really sorry for your loss.

My condolences.

I'm sorry about what happened. Midnight sounds like a wonderful companion. I'm sure you made her life wonderful, being there for her in good times and hard.
Take your time in recovering and to yourself. Don't push yourself too hard.

I'm sorry for your loss you have my condolences.

So. Yeah. This fucking sucks.

Buried my cat recently. Yeah, it fucking does.

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