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Behold: Cover Art! · 3:17am Apr 25th, 2020

Made by the incomparable JodtheClod

Here's a better look at the helmet.

The helmet is based on the Mark XVI, nicknamed the Nightclub suit, which was one of the suits from the climax of Iron Man 3. It actually faired better than most of the prototypes did, though Killigain's healing factor and speed combined with the fact that it was merely a prototype meant that it was destroyed in short order. The suit was one of the earlier prototypes Tony built after the first Avengers movie, when he really started experimenting with new ideas for Iron Man armor but before he started making the ridiculously specific action figures later suits. It was one of the first suits to have an ejection function and incorperated a form of camoflage that allowed it to change color. I liked the way the facemask is shaped, as well as it's slimmed down design and inclusion of metallic colors as well as the red and gold, though I do think gold could be emphasised gold. Most Iron Man suits downplay gold, aside from the MK 42 which took it to far in a different direction.

New chapter this weekend!

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Wow! Awesome artwork! :pinkiehappy: :yay:
And there's a new chapter coming too? Nice. I look forward to it! XD

Awesome cover art mate. :twilightsmile:

Brilliant work, capturing the vulnerability Twilight feels as she can't trust any of the people close to her. And she can't even publicly endorse herself given Iron Mage's reputation.

Nice! That is a fantastic image on it's own but it says so much! Comic trimmings are a nice touch and it would still work on it's own!

Always been tempted to commission a JL Intentional "Wanna make something of it?" cover for Roomies but never been sure about the cost.

Yikes, Twilight's been in the wars, hasn't she? Is that what she looks like in public or is it just symbolic?


JodtheCod does great work. Even if you aren't hiring him you should check out his portfolio. All I asked for was a shot of the Iron Man helmet with Twilights face reflected it, he made it way better.

Thank you, that's really the only bit I can take credit for.

Sorry, but all of those wounds are real. Twilight is hiding them in public.

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