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Star Wars The Clone Wars: The Final Season: The Phantom Apprentice · 6:46pm April 24th

All I have to say is... By the Force.

...I need time to process this one. And yes, the duel is everything you expect.

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Comments ( 9 )

Fun fact about the duel. It was actually mocapped with Ray reprising his role as Maul.

Oh, I know. It was both Ray and someone else in a pair of mo-cap suits, and then just their movements were animated over. That is how you do a lightsaber duel to cap off a series.

Plus, all little call-forwards to later events, so good

Yeah, there was this over-encompassing feeling of dread as you know exactly what's about to happen.

And people were like, "Maybe Ahsoka can change things" way back when. But we all know, at this point in time, Anakin is mere hours away from a date with destiny....and lava

That would be awesome. Ahsoka would be middle aged then

Well, after all she's been through I think she deserves to see at least that and keep her status as this Gandalf the White figure.

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