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And so I’ve once again jumped into a competition · 11:04pm Apr 23rd, 2020

This time it’s an entry in the Halloween in April Horror contest with the Barcast. What attracted me here was showing the horror of different perspectives, especially as it regards the innocent.

So, without further ado I give you:

TA Monster
Not all stories end well in the Everfree Forest
Dafaddah · 3.2k words  ·  24  4 · 396 views

As always, please let me know what you think of this story and how it might be improved.

Oh, and please keep yourself safe in these trying times. Not all monsters are fought with tooth and claw. Sometimes the greatest means defense we have is that, like family, we watch over each other.

Report Dafaddah · 121 views · Story: A Monster · #Horror #sad #Applejack
Comments ( 3 )

Good luck!

And thanks; you too.

...As for your request, though, well, I guess this kind of counts as what I think of it, but at the moment I'm not really in the mood for a story with those tags and have a list of other things to take care of besides? Sorry. I do expect it's good, though.
Also, from what the description, tags, and cover image led me to guess (that the viewpoint characters are timberwolves, and will be losing a conflict with ponies), interesting concept, if that is indeed what it is.
Is that enough, or do you need more? If it's really important to you, well, the story's not that long; I could schedule going through it anyway.
(And of course I might feel like it later, but I don't know when, and then I might not remember you wanted a report.)

Yes, it’s not the best time in the world for horror stories, but I entered the contest before corona virus situation got heavy, and this story popped into my head and haunted my thoughts until I just had to get it down.
As to the image, I think it was just giving too much away, so I changed it back to just a generic image of Applejack.
BTW - I don’t want to impose on any of my readers, but I want to make sure they know that their feedback is very much welcome, if they have the time and wish to share thoughts.

Ah, thanks. :)
Hope the writing helped.
(And I did mean the Applejack image it has as I type this; I didn't know it used to have something else.
As I recall my thought process: People who live in the Everfree, which already cuts who they could be down a lot. Their names could be Apple Family, but the image suggests Applejack's involvement and we've never heard of that large a group of her relatives living in the forest. The tags and the end of the description suggest bad things happening to the protagonists -- ah, what group of that sort of size might have one of their number with a name like that, live in the Everfree, and have an interaction with Applejack go badly for them (as seen in the show, even)? Timberwolves.
(Typing this now, it occurs to me, though, that it could also have been a somewhat convoluted story ending with it turning out Applejack was adopted and had her name changed, or something like that, but your comment here leads me to increase my confidence in the above already-leading hypothesis.))
Thanks. :)

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