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My Library Again · 2:15pm April 22nd

Does anyone have this bug where you read one chapter in your tracking, and some chapters disappear from your read later? I am certain that the tracked stories are not in my read later bookshelf.

Or this other bug (or the same one, I don't know), I think my read later bookshelf is showing more chapters than there are. I added a few stories two days ago and the chapter number increased. Normal. And it increased again later that day even though I didn't add a thing. Not normal. And not just a small amount. It went from seven hundred thirty-something to 779. Anyone else having these issues?

And now 3 stories in my tracking each have one new chapter and it says two new chapters. It doesn't show the third story when I click the bookshelf. Why? I don't know if I really have 808 unread chapters in my read later (yes, you read that right), and I don't know if there are other updated stories in my tracking that aren't showing up. Can anyone help?

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