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"I was just thinking. Maybe I was wrong before. Who cares if the stars are dead? As long as we can see them, that means they're real... to us. Right?" "Right." - Rachel Amber and Chloe Price

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Life is Strange · 7:34pm April 20th

When you're replaying Life is Strange and the tears come just halfway through episode one of Before the Storm. :pinkiesad2:

... Final Fantasy Forever at least will appreciate this lol.

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Comments ( 44 )

You should have given an alternate name for the blog, "life is predictable" because you can read me like a book. although you did fail to mention I would be fashionably late as always

I literally have already finished Before the Storm and the original. :ajsmug:

:raritydespair: :fluttercry:

I'm glad you appreciate the blog though. No one else understands my obsession. :raritydespair:

Wow I sure am something when it comes to timing :3

there are always those games that no matter how many times you play them you still get those powerful feels, the ones that show that video games can indeed be art. :fluttershyouch: :raritydespair:

No kidding. Life is Strange is the pinnacle of art that I've ever seen. It's my favourite thing ever. I doubt it could be bested by any other medium because only games have choices. As well as that feeling that you're there, the characters are you and your friends. That you're in love with Chloe.

And... I have a confession, my friend.

Very well put

Oh? What is it you wish to confess?

"Max, it's time."
"Not anymore."
"Max... I'll always be with you."

You choose Chloe....
...how does it feel?

Yeah. Morally questionable. But a lot less painful. I had every intention to sacrifice her again. But when it came to it I couldn't live with it. I just couldn't. I couldn't watch her die. Not again. :fluttershyouch:

Too many times you had to say goodbye, but this time, you got to leave Arcadia Bay...together. there without a doubt was a lot of destruction, but while the town's life and story had come to its end, Max and Chloe's life and story just truly began

I feel terrible but all I could say over and over again for hours was "she's alive. She's alive. She's alive."

It's an understandable feeling. But after all you did those other playthroughs, this time, Max, Chloe, and you...all deserved to be happy. To win just this once, and get to see them go to start a new life together.

Actually this was only my second playthrough. I just got it last year. I'm gonna try not to play it more than annually so I don't ever ruin it.

But... yeah. Idk. I just couldn't do it

Ah I see. That's actually a good idea, never let things get stale this way.

Completely understandable. There are decisions in games that always have that haunting effect, no matter the choice you have something hanging over you.

Exactly. It's hard because LiS is the best thing ever, but if I do this at least I keep it that way.

Yeah. And Life is Strange is the worst. I don't know how Dontnod did it... how did they perfectly design it so they knew you'd fall in love with Chloe and make that last choice so heartbreaking??

It's a sacrifice that must be made in order to preserve its beauty

Every now and then, there comes a moment of pure, unbridled genius that hits someone, said idea is refined into pure gold that to those who know it well, will shine through the ages. You spend from the beginning of the game saving Chloe, caring about her and developing a true attachment, then at the very end you have to make that final choice, save her one more time, save her once and for all, or save everything else and undo all your work.

Yeah, game is hella messed up.

Seriously though, I love Chloe so much. :raritydespair: More than any other fictional character now.

Remember that time during the nightmare when you're trapped in the bathroom of the Two Whales and you have to find the code to get out?

And those real dark moment

Likely one I care for more, but if so just barely.

You mean the one that has that funny easter-egg tied to it?

Um, maybe? I've never noticed an easter egg.

If you get the code wrong 50 times Max breaks the 4th wall and says "I'll make the developers pay for all of these bullshit digicode puzzles."

Oh god. :facehoof:

That's not what I wanted to talk about. No, I wanted to brag that I didn't even bother looking for the code cause I got it first try just on a hunch - 0311. March 11th. Chloe's birthday.

They also give you several hints to look in the mirror if you get it wrong before your 50th attempt.

wowza! Good job. Birthdays really are predictable passwords but that is impressive.

Well that's more reasonable at least anyway.

Yeah. The fact I knew Chloe's birthday by heart too lol. :rainbowlaugh: It is a nightmare though so a predictable password is forgivable.

yeah, you'd have to really really get it wrong almost 100% on purpose to find this Easter Egg

I simply have to tip my hat to you for that. Using birthdays is something that people predictably do with number codes, it's something you would think no one would do knowing how easy it is to figure out, but so many do it anyway.

Yeah, the code to Nathan's secret crime phone is his own birthday. Idiot. :facehoof:

Have you played Before the Storm?

Hubris is a common folly.

No I have not. Why? That is a question I still have because I really want to. My reasoning before was that my PS4 had a critical error and was offline for a while and my computer couldn't run anything without issues, now my computer is pretty decent and my PS4 is back to working condition. Heck, maybe though this is just what I need, with quarantine a fresh experience like this ought to perk me right up even in hard times.

I just remembered that you said you didn't. Obviously it can't compare - and to it's credit doesn't even try - to the original. But it's really good. It has one poorly written side character I don't like but everything else is solid. It's unfortunate they couldn't get Ashly Burch, but the replacement voice actress does a surprisingly good job.
I'd highly recommend it! And make sure to get the "Farewell" bonus episode. (Which does have Ashly Burch!!)

Don't expect it to totally perk you up though. It's still a tearjerker. :raritydespair:

So long as a sequel/prequel sequel/follow up ect at least respects where it's coming from and does it justice and well enough considering it's legacy, I say it did well. And I'll be sure to.

I'll be prepared I'm lying to myself, I know it's gonna take me for a ride

I really think it did. The attention to detail from the original is incredible. Tiny things like Chloe using the phone you can find in a drawer in her room.
It doesn't try to be as epic, the stakes are never as high - and I am so grateful for that. But it lives up to the original as a very great prequel.

Always nice to see when a writing team doesn't lose their touch, have seen more than enough of people botching sequels.

That's the amazing thing! It's actually made by different devs!!

Even more impressive. When new people get to make their own part of a beloved game, give it respect not stepping on anyone's toes and honoring where it came from....that is an example so many need to follow.

Yeah. I was super worried to get it but I was DESPERATE for more Life is Strange. So I bought it and was happily surprised!!!

That is something I think the both of us, heck all of us could use more.

And particularly Life is Strange featuring Chloe and/or Max. It's not Life is Strange without them.

It would be woefully incomplete without them

No shit. They are Life is Strange.

Question. Is it just me, or are you quite literally in love with Chloe? Through the perspective of being Max, of course. :rainbowlaugh:


....maybe.....strong maybe....very strong.

I know right? And tbh while I do identify as sorta bi, I lean HEAVILY straight. I've never had as strong of a crush on another woman as with Chloe. I don't know how Dontnod did it!! :raritydespair:

I am not very well versed on how preference works, but I do believe that someone can be one orientation (Straight, homosexual) and have feelings for ONE individual or the same or opposite gender respectively while still being straight/homosexual save for that one person who they just have very strong emotions for.

That's true. I'm heterosexual and Chloeromantic lol. :rainbowlaugh: Which, tbh, is exactly what Max seems to be as - unlike Chloe- sge only ever indicates her attraction to guys, aside from with Chloe.

Good way of putting it :3
And now that you mention it, yeah, that likely is where Max would fall into.

To be fair we never are given definite reason to think she isn't totally bi. Personally I imagine she just assumed she was straight until she fell in love with Chloe. After that... it didn't matter anymore.

Also a strong possibility
We discover new things about ourselves as we continue our journey through life. In that way, life is strange, pun intended.

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