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Brian Sheil

Most of my MLP stories feature meetings of G1 and G4.

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  • 36 weeks
    New Crossover Done

    My latest story is done. This one guest stars the young troupe known as the Magic Misfits. Street magician Carter Locke, escape artist Leila Vernon, code breaker Ridley Larson, musician Theo Stein-Meyer, and random entertainers Olly and Izzy Golden. I hope you like this story.

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  • 37 weeks
    Unity of Magic

    Happy new year. I’m currently writing a new Equestria Girls crossover story. This one features a group of young magicians from a popular book series. That’ll give you something to think about.

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  • 56 weeks
    EqG Tales 5

    Hello, yo. I’m readying myself to present my 5th installment of “EqG Tales”. This time, it’s a tribute to the 80s.

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  • 56 weeks
    Ultimate Unity

    Darth Wrex asked if I can write a story featuring students of Monster High and Ever After High coming together with Twilight and her friends. His wish came true. My latest tale is titled “Music Brings All Together”.

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  • 74 weeks
    EqG Tales: Saga 4 revealed

    Remember when I said that I’m writing edition 4 of EqG Tales? This edition features the ladies of G.L.O.W.(Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling). I’ll be writing one chapter a day. The wrestlers I chose will be from the 80s. That’s when GLOW was big.

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Number 4 Coming Up · 11:50pm Apr 18th, 2020

Hello, crossover fans. I’m just starting to write the 4th installment of “EqG Tales”. Who will I bring in this now, stay tuned and find out.

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