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If There's Anyone Out There... · 5:52pm Apr 17th, 2020

Hey guys, so, my dad, Kody The Ultimate Brony is going through some tough times, and may end up homeless soon. And we all can tell that in these unusual times that it wouldn't be good on him. We want him to be safe out there.

If there's anyone out there that can help him, please do. It'd mean the world to him, his friends, and me.

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I can't. My folks would skin me alive.

I would if I could but I can't do it for my family is under some troubles so we can't really do anything, am sorry


I thank you both for your concern. Could you please spread the word?

I did. It hasn’t gotten much attention yet, unfortunately.

yeah, it won't get much attention of how small I am but I'll do it anyway I can

We'll get there. Kody will get help soon, I just know it.

Hopefully. I just wish my signal boost got more attention..

I'll do it first thing, tomorrow.

I made a blop on it now, hopefully some people will see it. I may go into some of the groups I am part of on this, I just need to be careful about that, there will be some nasty people that may make fun of him because of this. trust me I have meet some awful people and I don't want him to get harassed. I'll share more where I can but I need to be careful

am sorry I couldn't help more but I'll move with the limits I have

He's your dad?

Adoptive. Apparently.

WILD. :0 that's dope af.

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