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Current goings-on April 2020 · 9:16am April 17th

This blog is for whoever is left of those who are following me. Things have been pretty active on the Discord server as we press forward in the overall project, which is far bigger now than just Black Feather.

At the moment, I'm working with DuvetofReason to polish off his 2nd story, which takes place some 1700 years in the future after Black Feather.

That's right. Flurry in Time is in the same continuity as Black Feather.

So far, the story has been very successful here on Fimfiction. It has a near-unanimous appeal among those who have seen it and it even made the feature box on the first day! This is something I wished I could have achieved back when I first began writing BF. But as it turns out, FiT is just the right combination of awesome to deserve the position! I couldn't be more proud of Duvet as his vision for the future is finally being presented to the denizens of this site.

At the moment, we're aiming for a schedule of 1 chapter per week since I need to do proofreading to stay ahead of the publishing schedule. This is, naturally, taking up all my time and attention, so the other parts of the project are on hold for now. After FiT is finished, I will resume writing Return of the Nightmare -- wait, what's this?

Shhh... You didn't see that. I'm not ready to reveal the major changes our story universe has undergone since July 2019 ...yet.

Stay tuned.

And please... Go check out Flurry in Time!

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