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pony-writer/pornographer looking for work. old stories undeleted. i'm sorry. Patreon here

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  • Friday
    General Life Update

    it would be awesome if there was a feature preventing us from posting public things immediately after a panic attack. it tends to just send us running to the internet sobbing when in fact if we just rode out the negative emotions, we'd come to a more pleasant overall conclusion later on.

    here are some things that are going on and also that have been on our mind:

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    8 comments · 167 views
  • Wednesday
    our xbox controller broke

    no video games for us until we get a new one

    sad face

    also we are very annoyed about like

    putting a lot of effort into our writing and seemingly having almost no one enjoy it

    it's like ten stories in a row or something that probably would have done better if we were a complete nobody writing about random gibberish

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  • 2 weeks
    Master Chief Co-Op

    henlo. we were wondering if anyone would like to play Halo or Halo 2 co-op with us. going through old games is kinda fun but it feels like it would be a lot more fun w/ company.

    8 comments · 103 views
  • 3 weeks
    Downwell Music Delay Glitch


    In Downwell, the music for the first stage doesn't start until you land on a surface or kill an enemy. If you use the little junk-pieces at the side of the level, you can bounce through the entire first stage without triggering the music at all. You also don't have to kill any of the cute little creatures, which is a nice bonus.

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  • 3 weeks
    commissions update

    it's time again, to tell you how we're tacking this non-stop deluge of pony porn requests...

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100th Story · 4:52pm April 14th


Worked pretty hard on this one. Appreciate anypony giving it a look.

Many commissions in the queue. Expect to see some posted later this week.


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Comments ( 2 )

Whooooh! One hundredth story!
Proud to have been along for the ride my dude.

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