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"The Year Of School Just Began Folks. And I Feel Excited!" Just an ordinary Christian living in a world that is odd. Also a writer and a singer!

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  • 2 weeks
    Song for the ending?

    So, I've been listening to "Ever Ever After" that one song from Enchanted and for my new remake of my story "The Music Love", I keep thinking about Zephyr and Victoria at the end, when they're together as a couple and doing their romantic things and they're developed and stuff.

    Idk if it's a bad thing, but I can't help but listen to this song and even I just imagine them in this scenario.

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    2 comments · 11 views
  • 2 weeks

    I just wanted to know if it's cliche if newly lovers to couples would go to a prom dance with another. I've been looking at date ideas for my story and I wanted them at first go to a cafe date (Plus make them dance to fast jazz), or a bowling date. But when I think of a prom date, I searched up if it's cliche but idk if it is?

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  • 4 weeks
    Quick update

    Just made a new account on FIMfetch: https://fimfetch.net/u/shortstoriespony

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  • 4 weeks
    Oh man.

    Hey guys, so this may seem short, but something happened. So, when I was gonna eat a delicious tuna sandwich, I fricked up the tuna when I came back from the basement (My house as another kitchen downstairs) and since everything was dark, I had to choose a spice. So, Garlic pepper. Okay, so, I guess I didn't notice, when I looked away, I poured a lot. I mean, a lot of the spice, leaving the tuna

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  • 10 weeks
    Hey again!

    Hey dudes, Laura back. Just gonna do a blog and ask, how's everyone? What did you eat? And what are you up to? For me, listening to artist talk about stories and stuff, made a new account on livejournal (I will give you link below!) and ate that tiny bit of cotton candy before! Yum!

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Hey! · 2:47am April 13th

Hey, I just gotta question. Is there other things couples do? Because I'm kind of stuck of what I'm gonna write with my other stories. Also, thank you.

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Comments ( 4 )

How would Zephyr and Laura handle the whole social distancing thing?

Hm, that's an interesting idea. Perhaps since the couple aren't fully mature, I'm sure they would cry. And yes, perhaps they can text or video call. But, I'm sure it wouldn't be enough since they'd miss being in each other's company.

I think you could easily turn that into a story.

I am actually. I did credit you in the description.

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