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Pharynx is best changeling. CHANGE MY MIND.

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  • Today
    This has been stuck in my head today:

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  • Today

    “Oh my god, you cut your sandwiches into hearts too?! That is insane! We’re like sandwich buddies!

    “Where did you even come from?”

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  • Monday
    If changelings could transform into other changelings:

    Changeling: *transforms to look like Venom Stinger*

    Venom: “Okay, are you like BLIND? You look nothing like me. First off, I'm way taller. Secondly, I DO NOT look so sleep deprived and lastly, if you could drag comb through that hair you're like a 7 on a good day and I've been told I'm a constant 10.”

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  • Monday
    Another Visit

    “Okay, Griff, I’m here!”

    “When I see the way you act,
    Wond’ring when I’m coming back,
    I could do about anything,
    I could even learn how to love…” a singing voice echoed through the freezer, announcing where he resided.

    The nymph walked on over to him.

    “Hey, Flutterbug.” Griff spoke, an audible smile in his voice. He almost sounded back to normal again. 

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  • Monday

    “Guys! Have you seen that checkerboard anywhere?”

    “Checkerboard? What for? It’s not game night yet, is it?”

    The four changeling brothers looked over at their little sister, each of them staring in blank confusion.

    “It’s for… something important,” she insisted. 

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I’m curious... · 11:51pm Apr 12th, 2020

What do you guys think of my sense of humor? Is it good? Or does it feel like forced comedy?

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Comments ( 15 )

Depends. Comedy can come from an ordinary thing in an unusual circumstance or an unusual thing in an ordinary circumstance. And usually, it's natural and smooth, and comes instinctually when the right setting is found.

That’s very true.

im no expert but i find ya hilarious

yup especily your mtcg skits

I find your comedy is pretty funny.

Thanks, glad you think so. :twilightsheepish:

I like your sense of humor!

Yeah, it's especially good in MTCG, it feels perfectly timed.

I guess so. Because I always felt it was... somewhat forced.

It's fine the way it is.

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