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Star Wars The Clone Wars: The Final Season: Together Again · 3:16pm April 10th

insert wise comment here, preferably an aesop

So yeah, we're getting closer and closer to the final arc of the season and it's starting to show. Bo-Katan makes a few appearances throughout the episode to continue her spree from last time. Also, there's one heart-stopping moment where Maul cameos, and even seems to sense Ahsoka when he's still just a hologram. Also, Crimson Dawn is mentioned so yay for continuity.

Now, a comment on Rafa's character. I didn't like her starting out, not one bit and I'm not sure I do even now thinking back considering she's one of the main reasons this whole mess started. However, she sorta redeemed herself here with how she decided to go back for Ahsoka, so um... wow.

There's also one really awesome ship battle, which I've been missing in Star Wars as of late. Basically, the Silver Angel is being chased through the mountains okay, and Ahsoka takes the gunner's seat. Rafa calls out vectors, and the first two Pyke ships are taken down. Then, the gun's taken out and Trace decides to swerve around a mountainside and play one very deadly game of chicken. Or ram the final ship, whatever works.

In any event, heart-pounding episode though I do note Ahsoka being revealed as a Jedi is barely given a footnote, largely due to how much is going on. Case in point, at the end she's off to her next adventure. ...and now I really want to see a Charlie's Angels like show with Trace, Bo-Katan and Ahsoka. Hey, I'm weird alright?

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Comments ( 2 )

...and now I really want to see a Charlie's Angels like show with Trace, Bo-Katan and Ahsoka.

Why Bo-Katan? What about Rafa?

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