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Mana Manipulation · 11:21am April 9th

The following blog pertains to my own story-canon and has nothing to do with the actual show.

It is a known fact that all Ponies, not just Unicorns, carry Magic inside of them. Every pony has a Thaumaturgical System, which functions in a similar manner to the nervous system and the circulatory system of veins and arteries, but instead of carrying blood or electrical signals from the brain, the Thaumaturgical System carries Mana, the metaphysical energy and substance that constitutes the supernatural force that is Magic.

While all living things have Mana inside of them, and thus a thaumaturgical system of their own, Ponykind, as well as other certain creatures, have a more efficient and powerful Thaumaturgical System than most other creatures, like Cattle, Donkeys, and such.

For Ponies, especially the standard Three Tribes, the Thaumaturgical System works similar to yet different from each other. Ordinarily, Earth Ponies and Pegasi utilize their Magic in more passive ways whereas Unicorns can learn to actively wield their Mana to perform applications of Magic commonly known as Spells.

Studies and research shows this is because the Unicorn's Thaumaturgical System is highly concentrated to the base of the Unicorn's Horn, allowing them to learn and practice how to focus their mana into their horns and use their thoughts, knowledge, and experience to wield mana in order to cast their spells.

On the other hooves, Earth Ponies' Thaumaturgical Systems are more focused throughout their bodies but especially in their legs and their hooves. Thus, Earth Ponies passively focus their mana while performing manual labor as well as agricultural work, boosting their physical strength, stamina, durability, and even their natural healing rates and fertility.

Earth Ponies give off an "aura" of fertility during mating season, which makes it easier for ponies to conceive a foal(s). Prolonged exposure to this "fertility aura", especially from an Earth Pony with strong magic, affects any pony and sometimes other creatures, boosting fertility in both males and females.

The Thaumaturgical Systems of Pegasi is of course focused towards their wings, which, from a scientific point of view, aren't exactly designed for natural flight. Instead, their mana aids in the Pegasus's power of flight while also providing lift, thrust, and even support from the air around the Pegasus.

In addition, a Pegasus's Thaumaturgical System, while not to the same degree as the Earth Pony, is also somewhat concentrated into their hooves, thus giving the Pegasus the ability to walk on clouds and move them, which led to Pegasi discovering their ability to influence as well as control the weather around them. Their systems also make Pegasi better resistant to extreme weather, atmospheric conditions, flying hazards, and even lightning.

In any case, neither Earth Ponies nor Pegasi have the Thaumaturgical foci in their bodies that are concentrated enough necessary for active spellcasting. For generations, this led to social and racial disputes between the Three Pony Tribes, creating divisions between them. While in modern times these sorts of problems are not nearly as bad, they pop up every now and then.

In order to lessen the gap between the Three Tribes where it comes to magic, magical scholars, researchers, mages, and wizards have studied and experimented in ways Mana can be wielded apart from the standard methods of each Tribe. In time, after numerous trials and errors and triumphs and failures, an art was discovered and refined through further experimenting until at last was the Art of Mana Manipulation created!

Unlike Unicorn Spellcasting or the passive magical abilities of Earth Ponies and Pegasi, Mana Manipulation can be wielded by any creature that has a strong-enough Thaumaturgical System and enough Mana. Through dedicated training and discipline, practitioners can learn how to wield their mana in ways they don't normally do, and this has led to several techniques in the art, such as:


Mana Shield
The Mana Shield is a defensive technique where onechannels their mana outwards in the form of a bubble-like tangible shield that protects the wielder from physical harm. It reacts reflexively, absorbing and repelling a physical assault. Though it can be effective, it is discouraged from relying upon Mana Shields for very long as the techniques usage can sap mana.

Aura Armor
Aura Armor is an advanced form of the Mana Shield. Instead of a bubble-like shield surrounding the wielder, the wielder learns to project their mana across their body like a second skin, a layer of protection.

The technique doesn’t repel physical harm but instead absorbs some of the damage the wielder takes to varying degrees, reducing what could be a fatal injury yet still be serious, and sometimes can slow down poison. Even the pain the wielder would feel while Aura Armor is active is lessened to an extent but it’ not fully negated. 

Once mastered, Aura Armor can come second nature and be less taxing on a wielder’s mana.

Even so, a wielder cannot rely entirely on Aura Armor; once a wielder takes a certain amount of damage, the Aura Armor will falter and cancel out, leaving the wielder without their protection

It takes training to master this technique so that a mage can utilize Aura Armor subconsciously.

An advanced and difficult skill, Obscuring allows a wielder to obscure his or her presence, both physically and magically, from the perception of those around them. It requires honed mana control as well as emotional control, and allows a wielder to camouflage his or her presence to the point of being near invisible both to physical sight and to magical detection.

Climate Protection
Mana Wielders can use their mana to protect them from cold weather, even if they are not wearing warm clothing or have thick fur. However, this can still deplete mana if relied upon for too long.


At some point, Mana Wielders learn the technique of Freeflow, where the wielder learns to concentrate a “current” of mana to their hooves (or feet). This “current” allows a Mana Wielder to self-propel themselves in a desired direction and “slide” along the ground at high velocities for varying distances. It also allows a Mana Wielder to jump great altitudes and “float” gently down or land safely upon a “cushion” of mana.

It is easy enough to learn but a difficult skill to master and can be dangerous if done recklessly. 

An advanced skill and continuation of Freeflow, Flickering is a technique that allows the wielder to move at high speeds over varying distances. It is so named for how the user appears to “flicker” in and out of visibility a split-second before the wielder moves from point-a to point-b.

Due to how it looks, Flickering has been often mistaken to be a form of teleportation when it’s actually moving faster than the eye can follow. 

The skill of a Flickerer is measured by how much distance one can cover with as few flickers as they can. The primary weakness of Flickering is the Flickerer cannot change direction mid-Flicker, meaning Flickering can only be done moving in a straight line. This means the Flickerer must have a clear path when Flickering otherwise the Flickerer can run into obstacles and get hurt.

Named after the insect, Waterstriding is an advanced technique allowing the Mana Wielder to literally walk on water by focusing mana to their hooves (or feet) to reinforce the surface tension of the water's surface. However, the technique requires a constant flow of mana so it's not wise to walk on water for long periods of time lest the wielder exhausts their mana too quickly.


This is a skill that teaches a Mana Wielder to use their mana to heal minor wounds, like cuts, scrapes, and bruises, as well as alleviate pain. It can also be used to share one’s mana with another to revitalize some of their physical stamina.

Longevity – Creatures with especially strong levels of mana tend to have longer lifespans, even if it is beyond their natural lifespan. But a being that is trained in Mana Manipulation will have their mana focused, honed, and boosted, passively allowing the being to live a longer life than is the norm of its species.

For ponies, the Mana Ranking System of Delta - Gamma - Beta - Alpha - Omega is often used to classify how strong a pony is when it coems to magic, and the rank also indicates how long a pony might live. Becoming trained in Mana Manipulation can extend a pony's lifespan even further than what their supposed Mana Rank is.

Magic Immune System
All Mana Wielders gain immunity to normal colds and flu viruses and a greater resistance to more serious illnesses and toxic substances that would normally and easily kill most creatures.

Improved Appetite
All Mana Wielders recover the mana they expend, whether using Mana Manipulation, spells, or other magical practices simply by resting and sleeping. But they can increase their mana restoration by eating as well.

Ordinarily, this was often seen with Unicorn mages who'd expended considerable mana to cast powerful spells and needed to eat copious amounts of food to replenish their mana. But all Mana Wielders who have depleted or exhausted their mana can quickly recover it by eating sizeable meals or large quantities of food, and this prevents them from suffering upset stomachs, indigestion, or gaining too much weight. 

However, a wielder who is full of mana and overeats can grow overweight from excessive eating.


Phantom Hands
This technique was developed in order to overcome the need for ponies (or other hooved creatures) to rely on Manipulation Shoes, which feeds on a slight yet constant trickle of the wearer.

It is practiced by concentrating mana to the hooves and imagining an invisible hand over the hoof and focus on projecting mana from the hoof in order to manipulate objects in the manner a hand could. With enough practice, the hooved wielder can use this technique like second nature.

Unicorns are able to perform this technique as well, but due to their basic magical ability of Telekinesis, they don't always do, as a result of intellectual laziness.

Every Mana Wielder starts by learning how to sense Mana energy, especially the ambient mana of the life around them. Mana Wielders learn to sense and identify sources of energy as well as how far they can sense something. A Wielder's Sensing can also involve Empathy, which allows Wielders to determine if an individual is friend or foe by sensing their emotions and get a feel for what they are thinking (but it is not mind-reading).

What exactly a Wielder is able to sense besides magical or living energies varies based on the individual. Some wielders are more attuned to emotions, some can sense immediate danger, some can even sense specific types of energies and/or presences and differentiate them.

Strength & Stamina
All Mana Wielders become physically stronger than they normally are after they have attained a certain level of mastery of their mana. 

They can also physically exert themselves for longer duration than their species normally do.

Mana Wielders must learn how to channel their own mana, as well as external sources of mana. Typically, this is done to soak up ambient mana in one’s surroundings or to establish a connection with another source of energy to gain an intuitive understanding.

Lots of magical objects and tools, while already imbued with magical properties, eventually run out of mana, so mana wielders can utilize Channeling to “recharge” these objects or tools by feeding them a slight trickle of their own mana, or share their mana with someone else or aid spellcasters in casting spells they might not have the mana to cast.


Mana Strike
A Mana Wielder can learn to focus their mana into their hooves (or fists or feet, depending on the species)to deliver mana-reinforced strikes and kicks that send a burst of energy through the target’s form at the point of impact. 

This can inflict critical damage upon a target that is not magically protected and can wear down an opponent’s magical defenses, like their Mana Shield or Aura Armor.

Some creatures have learned how to focus their mana to other points of their bodies, such as wings or even tails, to wield this technique more uniquely. Ponies in fact can do the same, causing a Pegasus's wings or a pony's tail to be imbued with their mana to strike with surprising force as the mana is released upon impact.

Mana Blade
An advanced and dangerous skill, the Mana Blade is a technique where a Mana Wielder wielding a bladed weapon to channel their mana energy into the edge of the blade to create an extension of the weapon or fling a literal blade of energy, the Mana Blade, at a target.

The amount of energy channeled into the technique dictates the Mana Blade’s sharpness and pressure, with little energy making only small cuts or gashes while sufficient energy can create Mana Blades that can be sharp enough to cut cleanly through even solid stone or steel.

Sometimes the effectiveness depends upon the blade itself, such as what it’s made of, how well it can work as a conduit for the mana channeling, etc.

It is the standard that everypony (and creature) is magically attuned to one of the four elements of Earth, Fire, Air, or Water, with few exceptions (such as Alicorns being able to wield all four). Typically, Earth Ponies and Pegasi are attuned to the elements of Earth and Air respectively, though there have been rare exceptions, whereas Unicorns could be connected to any one of the four.

Depending on the type of pony (or creature) the wielder is, the Wielder can utilize Elemana, which is their mana energy taking on the attributes of the Wielder's attuned Element. This can be wielded in numerous ways, such as drawing strength from their element.

Mana Shot
Depending on the pony (or creature), this technique can be wielded in different ways to literally shoot focused shots of mana of varying force. Earth Ponies launch Mana Shot from their mouths while Pegasi launch Mana Shots from their wings and Unicorns their horns. Otherwise, a pony might master this technique to the point of shooting Mana Shot from their hooves or other points of their bodies.

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