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    You'll know why i put this soon enough...

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  • 14 weeks
    Addicting Songs

    ya know those songs you just listen to over and over again on repeat cuz u love it so much? well i feel ya cuz i've been listening to this and this a lot

    (first one is Jonas Blue - Rise, the second is The Chainsmokers - Somebody)

    what are some of your addicting songs?

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    music 13 years ago to now

    i've been listening to music on YT and all of the sudden these old songs show up from like 2007-2012, i didn't recognize them until i clicked the videos, i instantly got hit in the face with nostalgia, might've even gotten brain damage from that hit. i haven't heard these songs in over a year, it just makes me think about how nice and simple songs were back then without their over-doing of today.

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    my comments on blogs

    if i ever comment on your blog and the blog is supposed to be serious and stuff, and my comment sounds like i'm a a- hole, forgive me as i only look on the bright side since i do not know how to deal with these situations, i should probably just not comment... sorry :fluttershysad:

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    on a scale of 1-10, how cool do i look?

    i was wondering if this would be battle worthy...

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bored during quarantine? · 2:18pm April 8th

Are you feeling bored during quarantine? nothing to do? have nothing to do? well let me tell you what you can do to keep entertained...

1) Annoy the crap out of your sibling(s) (if you are an only child, annoy your parents, JK that will get you grounded or something)

2) play BORED games (like monopoly)

3) play on your PC (like Roblox or Minecraft)

4) watch YT (like a spree of seasons of what your fav YTer did until that series ended)

5) do homework (like me)

6) watch TV

7) eat food

8) sleep in bed 24/7

9) cuddle your pet like there's no tomorrow (unless you don't have one, pet your sibling or parents)

10) look on google on how to stay entertained because i am not that helpful and google has all the answers, like how it can prove the earth is flat, CUZ IT IS!!! (that's a joke, i am not a flat earther, because the earth is early a cube)

also, i'm bored and wanna do stuff with my js bookmarks, tell me who you want me to make the president of the US

Report AaryanXander · 17 views · #quarantine #bored
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