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    I need to be way more present on this account tbh

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The Pic of Smolder I Drew · 12:19am Apr 8th, 2020

I don’t know what kind of AU she’d be in

I kinda drew it based on a mix of Pokémon and Dragon Ball Z, so...


I dunno what to do with her.

Report ItsGriffy · 76 views · #Smolder #art #AU
Comments ( 10 )

bare kuckle fighter with the others but anthro

hope ya do lol i wanna make one and ya would be a crossover to it

though they would need fighter names also twilight has the nickname pheonix so thays out

I was thinking they all live on an island and have their own supernatural powers, Smolder's being heightened strength(yes, even higher than average dragon strength). Like One Punch Man, but without the 'one punch'. Would depend on the opponent.

meh to op lol id say keep realistic no powers focuse on growth

Yeah, I guess, though I did base this on dbz

Besides, we all know ya boy wouldn't make something like this without giving em' powers :ajsmug:

true but would be intersting to see them earn there abilities and skills i mean take celly she can shapeshift bur it dont garuntee the form she takes is one she can use without practice

Okay.. makes sense.

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