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Just a fan of this amazing show and I enjoy reading fanfics and I'm still a beginner in writing my own fanfics. I also like naval history and other interesting stuff. So enjoy!

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Equestria Battleship Yamato Chapter 1 Revamped Ver. Uploaded! · 12:34am Apr 7th, 2020

I've already uploaded the revamped version of Chapter 1πŸ‘

Whew it took me like around 4 months to fix and make a few changes in Chapter 1 to make the execution and story easier to understand. Also I noticed that my old Chapter 1 is around 5000 words and now the revamped Chapter 1 is around 8000 wordsπŸ˜‚. Sorry I haven't uploaded the next Chapter 2 due to some real life situations and mostly fixing Chapter 1. So yeah I hope you guys like the Chapter 1 revamped version.

At the moment I'm revamping Chapter 2. So stay tuned and stay safe!

Also I watched the Finale and Epilogue of MLP FIM a few days ago, all I'm gonna say is they done well with the two part finale with the final battle, the message and cameos. For the Epilogue I don't want to go full details but I literally cried at the end of the last episode with the last song titled 'The magic of Friendship Grows' and the last shot of the Mane Six smiling and the book closing. It's sad to see the show that made a huge influence in my life ended but in the end I'm proud of being a fan of this wonderful show and being Brony. Don't worry I'm not going anywhere, I'm staying here!


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