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QUESTION FOR ALL MY READERS(Crucial for future developments) · 5:08am Apr 5th, 2020

Hey there evreyone,
SO recently I've been questioning my writing abilities. I try and give new ideas and suggestions but noone seems to respond that often other than the occasional "Great chapter!". However, with the explosive success of H-44, I just want to know what I'm doing in that story that attracts so many, but whenever I try and suggest something it just...disappoints. As an author, I f ear what I call the "Author's cage." Where an author tries to make new work and expand out of there more popular stories, but then receives flack or loses support because people just want the one story they love.

So what is it? What am I doing wrong or right that few of you only look for H-44? I try and branch out but I feel more and more caged as I see the views tick by with very little increase. Is it the titles, my pen name, the character, plot? I...I'm sorry just please comment down below on this blog. I could really use your support


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At times like this makes me wish I was good at giving feedback. I'll give it a shot though.

I believe the reason people are so into the story is the action and the mystery revolving around that one criminal organization that I don't remember the name to. Along the lines of what are they going to do, how are they going to do it. Will they succeed I'm taking down the metal monster.

How the main character interacts with the ponies is also probably a big factor in a appeal for this story.

Thank you. It means alot to me for anyone to just try and throw in their two cents

i like old war ships so i like H-44

The H-44 for one, the way you did everything I guess, our German turned ship thing is something you do NOT see much, that and the pirates and ponies, the ponies aren't retarded and Actually talked to MC rather then trying to attack him for no reason, and the pirates are good, something new (ish)

Im a history buff im in it for the ship

I've been thinking of three ideas for a while.
Where an alternate Great War division of free army soldiers are sent to Equestria during a war with neighboring kingdoms and the group gets dropped behind the lines of the enemy of Equestria so they fight their way west to find their lines. The group would consist of tanks and infantry with equipment from the interwar years.

OR would you guys support a Country in Equestria story(where basically an amount of people from one nation are warped onto Equis. I was thinking it would go like Romans trying to evacuate from the barbarian invasions pass Gibraltar and are warped away to the Undiscovered West where they are eventually found by sailors who accidentally land there

Option 3 was the original pilot for H-44 where the person's soul was in a tank instead of BB. HE cannot speak expect through engine sounds and the built in radio system

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