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What It Means · 3:04am April 5th

Most of my readers know what What It Means is, I would assume. The story this blog will focus on.

So, I liked that story, loved writing for it, I even have like 50k words for an arc I've yet to finish cleaning up. It's a fairly high rated story of mine, around 3k views, a really good upvote to downvote ratio, and plenty of comments. A lot of people still ask me if I'm ever going to write for it again, and honestly? I really want to.

But the direction I wish to take it in has changed.

Currently, the story cut off when the main character; Dee, fell down a canyon, leaving Sakura Petal and Blade Dancer to run away from the zombie like creatures after them. That's where it's been stuck on a hiatus for some time.

Now, the direction I wish to take the story in is different than originally planned, which means that Sakura and Dancer's role in the story will either change completely, or I'll just get rid of them entirely. I'm not 100% certain yet, because I've grown quite fond of Dancer and Sakura and want to keep them.

But I want to know from you guys, the readers who want an update so badly.

Like, I really want to hear it from you in the comments, what do you guys want to see? What were you expecting? What do you think of Sakura and Dancer, hell, what do you think of the main character? Do you want Daring Do to come back and be a major character? Do you want to see this adventure of Dee's go someplace new and unexpected?

Like talk to me, give me inspiration, who knows, maybe it'll kickstart me into moving again.

I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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Comments ( 4 )

Honestly I want what you want. It's good to see people write from the heart. Nothing to prove to yourself or anyone else, no limits and nothing held back. That's the best way to create things and you've shown you can do that.

Dee could come back at another time and you could focus on Dancer and Sakura for a while. That's just my two bits.

I agree with barro, its your Choice, i like the Story either Way.

A human Landing in equestria accidently and having to Fight the caribou is a very interesting Concept

I've not nearly written anything close to what you have. But, I've gotten stuck with my story. I keep saying
"Oh, I should rewrite the early chapters to get my mojo going again....etc"


"Hmmm, so I left off here....should I go this route and please this type of audience or maybe.....".

Either way...nothing has been done for my story. So don't beat yourself up man. Just go with what pleases you. Maybe you can have them both disappear, but reappear later as a "Holy shit how'd they survived!?" Like have them pull a sergeant Johnson from Halo 2 survive scenario (Yes I know the story, on how he survived from the books.)

I've gotta throw my towel in with waht Barro said.

Though one question that pertains to the romance tag on story. Who exactly were/are you going to have Dee fall for? Personally I could see something happening with Dancer, but that is just me.

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