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EWF: Doomsday · 12:01am April 3rd

At this point in the storyline, the EWF gets sort of unofficially split in two: Ascension is where the bulk of the World Title build happens, whereas Magic is where basically everything else happens, at least for now.

Magic after Nightmare Night. Before the show, Luna rushes to find Celestia backstage, in a bit of a panic. Celestia attempts to congratulate Luna on her win over Diamond Tiara, but Luna interrupts her. Luna says she has absolutely no memory of the ending of that match. From that second kick, she remembers nothing. All she knows is that she woke up some time later with the belt and the officials saying she had one. Celestia explains what happened, and suggests that Luna take a week or two off to recover, maybe see a doctor about her head. Luna, who is notorious for never taking a day off, uneasily agrees to take a short break after this week.

Magic starts officially with Trixie in the ring, and she is pissed. She explains that everyone who had failed her on Sunday (save for Tirek, because Trixie isn't dumb enough to piss Tirek off) is going to have to pay for their loss. She has something planned for Ember and Starlight, which will come later. For now, she's going to focus on Aria and Adagio. She is going to make the Dazzlings defend their titles every week until they drop them, starting tonight in the main against The Crusaders. The undercard features Lyra and Bon-Bon get their first clean win as a team against Snips and Snails (Bon taps out Snips after Ly powerbombs Snails out of the ring). Semi-main event is Luna vs Spike (non-title), who puts in a respectable showing. He catches Luna with a stray kick to the head and, once again, almost knocks her out. Just like against Diamond, Luna surges to her feet and big boots Spike over the top rope and spinebusters him on the ground outside before promptly passing out and ending the match by double countout.

Tirek stomps down the ramp to kill Spike and has his hand around his throat when Ember hops the barricade and pulls Spike free. Tirek goes to shove Ember away, and she manages to wrench his arm behind his back and chickenwings him until Tirek relents. After a tense staredown, Tirek stalks away and Ember leaves through the crowd, nodding to Spike. You get one, she says to Spike. One save, and then you're on your own. Spike grins, in a daze, and proceeds to pass out.

Main event is The Dazzlings, represented by Aria and Adagio (Aria refuses to share a locker room with Sonata, nevermind wrestle with her) vs The Crusaders, represented by Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle. The Crusaders take the Dazzlings to the limit, but come up just a bit short. Sonata waits for the two at the top of the ramp, and Aria roughly shoves past her without a word. The show ends with Sonata watching her team leave without her, shaking her head.

Next up is Ascension, and Twilight is exceedingly exciting. She's managed to lock down one of the biggest names in wrestling, and she can finally book a World Title match. She announces that, as they were the sole survivors, it's only fair that the match be between Rainbow and Pinkie for the vacant title at the next ppv: Doomsday. Pinkie comes out to cut a promo on Rainbow, saying that she admired her for her work outside of EWF and that she was excited to be able to work with someone of that calibre. She says she was thrilled when Rainbow agreed to take part in the promotion, when Rainbow herself comes out. Rainbow says that she didn't come to "take part". She came to take over, and she didn't come alone.

Over the barricade hops Lightning Dust and Gilda Griffonstone, who blindsided Pinkie in the ring. The three jump Pinkie, beat her down and establish themselves as a stable called The Bolts. Elsewhere on the card is Scootaloo vs Applejack (which ends in a slightly dirty finish: AJ pins Scoot, but the referee missed Scootaloo's foot under the rope) and Luna vs Ember, in Luna's last match before she goes away to get her head checked out. Ember, having paid attention to Luna's history with head trauma, boots her in the head. Just like before, Luna drops and then rises from the grave to destroy her opponent. She buckle-bombs Ember three times, and is about to dump her outside when Spike intervenes and distracts her long enough for Ember to scurry free and get a cheeky roll up. Spike winks to Ember on his way out. You get one, he says. Ember rolls her eyes but smirks nonetheless.

The main stories moving forward are: The Bolts making Pinkie's life hell and The Dazzlings struggling to hold onto their belts. Each week is a bit of the same; Aria and Adagio wrestle a team and just barely win, and Pinkie can't get through a match without The Bolts jumping her and beating her down. Pinkie doesn't quit, and she walks away every single time with a little more fire.

On the Dazzlings side, they overcome each challenger, but you can see the matches adding up. They're not used to wrestling this hard for this long, and there's a slip-up on the go-home show; due to Aria being to distracted with finishing off Bon-Bon, she didn't notice Lyra kicking the steel steps with Adagio's leg trapped between the steps and the ringpost. The Dazzlings win, but Adagio can't walk due to a broken ankle. Aria is down a partner and, to make matters worse, the tag titles are up for grabs at Doomsday, against a mystery team. Aria meets up with Sonata backstage and, again, says nothing to her. She just takes Adagio's half of the title and throws it into the floor in front of Sonata before leaving the arena.

Time for Doomsday, and we start off with the tag match. Aria and Sonata come out (separately, not with their typical tag entrance) and wait for their opponents. A familiar music hits, and out walks AJ and a newly recovered Sunset Shimmer. The rival teams kick off the show with Sunset and Sonata, who go at it like their jobs depend on it. Sunset and her partner are in the same page, tagging in and out and communicating to get the better of Sonata, who's effectively wrestling on her own. Aria refuses to help her, only occasionally breaking up pins on Sonata but nothing else. The one time Sonata reaches for a tag near the end, Aria spits in her face and drops from the apron. Alone and exhausted, Sonata doesn't really stand a chance; a quick Earth, Wind, and Fire, and 1, 2, 3, new champions. AJ and Sunset celebrate up the ramp, leaving Sonata and Aria in the ring empty handed. Aria goes to shove past Sonata but, for the first time, Sonata shoves her back. She's pissed, justifiably so, and shoves Aria one more time before Aria goes berserk. She suplexes Sonata roughly a thousand times, all over the ring and outside area. She shoves off the security guards who try to restrain her and beats Sonata with chairs, kendo sticks, finally ending with putting Sonata through the announce table. Aria walks away to a downpour of boos, and Sonata is carried away on a stretcher.

Next up is Rainbow Dash vs Pinkie Pie for the vacant EWF World Championship. Though the match is 1-on-1, Pinkie is essentially in a handicap match. She's already in the ring with one of the best to ever do it, but now she has to have eyes on the back of her head to keep an eye on The Bolts. They interfere at every turn, tripping Pinkie up and stopping her momentum. Eventually, she has enough, and Pinkie runs down The Bolts outside, throwing them around until they're essentially non-factors. Pinkie makes it back into the ring just in time to catch a jumping knee from the top rope, and one last V-Trigger type knee before going for the pin. 1, 2, 3. Rainbow Dash is the new EWF World Champion, and she parades her way out of the arena with the assistance of The Bolts, leaving Pinkie, simply put, pissed. The show ends with Pinkie sitting in the corner, looking down to the mat and clenching her fist so hard that she shreds the skin in her palms.

And that's what I had planned for the next set of shows. We have a new world champion, a new top faction, new tag champs, and the dissolution of the Dazzlings. We get a monster heel out of Aria, and whenever Sonata comes back she's sure to get a room-shaking pop. Weird shit is happening with Luna, and Spike is doing stuff. More information to be coming soon, and we're in fact approaching perhaps my favorite leg of booking soon.

Thanks for reading, and I'll see you soon

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Comments ( 7 )

You know, even if we're not getting new EWF chapters...I hope you carry on with these booking posts; I love'em.

Fascinating post, aria being a heel is totally fitting

Sorry I can't get you more than this

Aria was sorta always a heel. Now she's an extra most bestest heel


You mean to say there's only so many of these left?

Oh no. I've have no fewer than 5 world title stories down in my EWF Bible. I just meant that this is relatively lame compared to actual new chapters. It's just way too much to do, I was never gonna be able to release chapters with any degree of speed or consistency

Ohhh... As much I'd have wanted more chapters, this is honestly better than if you had stopped altogether; least this way we know what you had in store and with any luck, we'll know what plans you might've had for certain characters should they step into the ring.

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