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My-my-my-myyyyy Corona! · 5:26pm Apr 2nd, 2020

Meant to tie in with Eye's recent blog — my boyfriend, who I fear for.

I don't really need to set the stage for what's going on right now; I'm sure you're all staying as safe as you need to, or can. Hopefully. It really is a terrible thing to have to hear of so many people dying so fast, and then our hierarchies and our echelons taking often controversial actions. But yeah, I don't need to.

I quit my job nearly a week ago (since then I've easily been losing track of the days) because, while it is one of those essential services (freaking 24-hour convenience store, in which I mostly worked overnight), the company was doing absolutely nothing for its employees. I heard that a few other stores under that chain were being given a few rations, but not us; one of them donated a petty little spray bottle full of watered-down vodka... to employees working behind a counter, totally liable to abuse it at least, a few of my co-workers would.

Regarding that, I'll just say that the people in this city are incredulously unruly and primitive, undeveloped, probably. I was always on and off whether or not I enjoyed the job or not, solely because of them.

But I really hope that my little insurrection planted even more seeds of doubt amongst those that I did enjoy working with. And I wish them the best...but screw the company, honestly. And screw me for looking out for my own safety, I suppose. What would they tell any future employer of mine, that I was taking all the advice that matters and left because I was afraid for my health, and that's so wrong? I don't know, but I do not feel guilty like I normally would. This is an exciting time to live in, all of a sudden.... you know, minus all of the people dying around the world.

And so, until I can find a new job, I should have a bit more time to try to get some work done here, but I'm not very worried about the former concern right now — a little bit of a vacation has been in order for a while, and they worked me pretty tirelessly. And as usual, I wish you all the best :heart:

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Comments ( 8 )

You made a wise decision, stay safe.

One thing, though; what will you do if and when this virus ordeal blows over?

5234374 I'm not sure, but whatever comes of it, and whatever results, whatever way I find will be the path I take

The whole situation is too wild, feels like this is a dream... A long painful one

5234489 Only painful if you're an idiot, which I know you're not. That's how I put it at first, too, but I'm slightly excited for negative outcomes..? This country more than most others need to be taught a big, big lesson...

or 'C' virus ;3

5234501Are you a dog?

Drastic negative outcomes, I hope so

I hope you stay safe and healthy my friend

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