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I have autism · 10:29pm April 1st

I think it's both a curse and a blessing. I often say the wrong thing, and get everyone mad.

On the other hand, it can be helpful sometimes when writing a random story.

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Comments ( 11 )

We're in the same boat, buddy.

Same here, my friend.

Needless to say it's been a mixed bag for me.

What kind of autism is that?

Every kind of autism, really. You think differently, you produce ideas that people who think normally wouldn't consider. You then say them out loud and everyone thinks you're the second coming of Hitler.

I have autism, too.

Feel that. I'm somewhere on the spectrum. Probably closer to Asperger's. Once I realized this about myself, after I was already an adult, it made sense of a lot of my personality.

Bendy #8 · April 2nd · · ·

Hear! hear!

Screw the normies, we have real fun.

Indeed. Having a beer right now.

I have a high level version. The lower levels tend to not know they have autism as far as I know.

Somewhat. But mostly they look at you weird.

Yeah, don't let it get you down.


I have Asperger's as well. As far as I was told. I think they are right.


What fun to be completely normal? It's boring, reallllllllly :ajsleepy:
Be yourself, do what you want to do and tell everyone else to fuck off!
And remember: we're all insane in our own ways :pinkiecrazy:

Yes, we have real fun, my friend.

by the way, I didn't really know I had autism until a few years ago, so..

Sorry to hear that

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