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An Announcement Going Forward · 4:30pm April 1st

I've decided to cancel all current fanfics and from now on write only dirty, dirty clop fics. I know this will be quite a change for most of my readers who are used to my stories, but I believe this is the best way to move forward with the account.

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Comments ( 7 )

Ya ya laugh it up happy April fools day

Luckily I remembered it was April Fool's day. At first, I thought you were serious. You got me.

yeah yeah laugh it up! Today's filled with a bunch a comedians.

Thanks for the not funny joke if it is one.

cackles Oh, that is delightfully evil. If I didn't know you were such a prude I'd have almost believed it. Happy April 1st Ruin.

she is not a prude she is the goddess of lust

I suspect Ruin declines to comment.

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