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  • 3 weeks
    Should it continue?

    So this was my first story on here ever, and I started this story during my time as an amateur without an editor. Things changed, I found not only an editor but a good friend. My skills have improved since then.

    I redid this story because I wanted to switch not just the main character's name, but also make it an anthro version.

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  • 3 weeks

    Hey guys so here with another update. I'm almost done with the next chapter of my Digimon chapter, and once that chapter is finished it will be my "Delta's Hope" that will get the next chapter, followed afterwards by my spiderman story.

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  • 6 weeks
    I want you to vote

    Hey guys hope your doing well. I plan to write the next chapter of my Digimon Equestrian Frontier story. But after that I will let you guys decide which chapter will get an update next.

    I'm gonna leave a link down below for you guys to go and place you votes.

    There will be four stories to choose from, and the polls will be up for 5 days.

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  • 10 weeks

    Hey everypony hope your all well.

    So I'm sending this message out to let you all know I'm currently working on the next dragon chapter.

    Sorry it took so long to update it, but I wasn't feeling it for the story, and I like to write an update when I know I can give it my best, because you guys only deserve the best.

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  • 15 weeks
    Work in progress

    Hey there all you true believers out there, I hope you're having a good day. And I wish you best of luck in these harsh times.

    Now if you're seeing this blog and what it's attached to then yes, my Spider-Man story is getting an update.

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Sad update · 9:36am Apr 1st, 2020

Hey guys, so due to the current epidemic that is COVID-19 my life had become that more difficult. Because of the mass spread of the virus, the work I do has increased in demand and I'm forced to take up more hours. This means that a good 85% of my day is working, while the rest is spent on me sleeping just to repeat the cycle over and over again. Because of this the amount of time that I can put into any of my stories is small. So much so that I barely have the strength or the energy or even imagination to keep writing and planning out my chapters. So as of now I'll be taking some time off from writing in order to focus on my work. I'm really sorry you guys, I want to work on this story and the others but bills need to be paid first. I hope you can find in your hearts to forgive me by the end of this message.

April fool's!!
The next chapter is about to come out withing the later today

Sorry but I couldn't resist XP

Yes this stupid virus maybe causing all of you out there a great deal of stress and anxiety, but thats why I'm still writing. To help you escape from reality for just a few short moments so that you can be happy. I know times are tough, but if we all work hard and to our best on washing our hands and social distancing I'm sure we will all come out on top.

And for those with loved ones who currently have the virus, you have my prayers and my best of wishes that everything turns out okay.

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Here's hoping ;)

Comment posted by Da_Bad_Book deleted Apr 1st, 2020

Looking forward to more

Comment posted by Clopian26 deleted Apr 1st, 2020

Baps head Bad writer :facehoof:

Bang my head on the table


:yay: The day is saved...

:ajsmug: I know that it's April Fools.

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